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‘Into the Groove; was brilliant to the point where I thought it would be a great song to cover through the prism of Sonic Youth. Check out our marketplace! Cover. Personality Crisis: 3. Before this collaboration, Hirst has also designed several album covers for The Hours and directed the music video for Blur’s hit Country House. Searching for "sonic youth" in all categories. As the artist explained, the four needles symbolize the four elements. Stylish and protective for iPhone SE, 11, XS, X, 8, and more. Throughout the history of the album cover art, musicians and bands have often commissioned famous artists to produce the visual image for their music. Hear Sonic Youth’s astonishing cover of The Beach Boys song ‘I Know There’s An Answer’ Share. Sonic Youth covered Dry Bones, Is It My Body, Hot Wire My Heart, Personality Crisis and other songs. For our money though, this is eight minutes of brilliant carnage. For this album, the band used one of Richard Prince's paintings from the controversial series as cover art. “George has done a great Indian one,” his bandmate John Lennon once said. Sonic Youth - Goo Album Cover Sleeves - Hoodie. “And, whatever else people’s perceptions of Sonic Youth were, it was always about putting together a time-based composition – and that is exactly what songwriting is, in its classic form.”, Bassist Kim Gordon, reflecting on her time in the band, detailed how the creative vision of the group was a considered one: “I’m not saying Sonic Youth was a conceptual-art project for me, but in a way, it was an extension of Warhol,” she said. Smith’s cantankerous demeanour would regularly strike terror in the hearts and minds of most who would cross him, a fearless creative and one that was never shy to let his opinions known. “Our cover of Sonic Youth’s “Kool Thing” was originally a part of a compilation effort spearheaded by the incomparable Kim Kelly, freelance journalist and organizer based in Philadelphia. Reception. Electricity Lyrics: 2. Album: Covers. Entdecke mehr Musik, Konzerte, Videos und Bilder mit dem größten Onlinekatalog auf Feeling inspired by his visit to India 1966, Harrison has spent a prolonged period of time working with his mentor and sitar teacher Ravi Shankar. But back to the cover. Thurston Moore for a period of reflection. This is the first time they used a 24 track tape machine in the studio and combined with the expertise of renown producer Ron St. Germain, created one of the most polished and professional recordings of their early career. December 24, 2018 | in Music. Illustration by look i drew you! Höre kostenlos Sonic Youth – Covers (Hallowed Be Thy Name, Personality Crisis und mehr). The series debuted just one year before the famous Sonic Youth album Sonic Nurse was released. The no wave group would make their debut on saxophonist David Sanborn’s late-night music show called Night Music. Slim, tough, soft options. Featured image: Shephard Fairey for Led Zeppelin, via “We were all listening to Pet Sounds at the time and passing around [the Beach Boys’ biography] Heroes and Villains. A band’s TV debut is not normally one to be forgotten. Yet, the record label decided to invest in it since they believed that the collaboration with Warhol would be a good publicity. In 2007, he was asked to do the package for Led Zeppelin’s two CD one DVD greatest hits package Mothership. Known for airbrush images of humans and machines linked together in a cold biomechanical relationship, the style of the surrealist Spanish painter H.R. Since this artwork needed extra money and a special machine to manufacture, it delayed the album release. Either way, it's too nice for that friend who always crashes at your place. Given the legacy that the track has built in the years that followed, numerous different artists have attempted to put their own spin on the material. Famous rock band Sonic Youth has introduced contemporary art to underserved kids everywhere with their album cover designs. Sonic Youth vs. Basquiat also wanted to play in the band, but was not good enough. Sonic Youth traten unter diesem Namen zum ersten Mal am 18. Think Tank is the 2003 album by the English alternative rock band Blur, and their seventh since the band formed in 1988. Dirty is the seventh studio album by American rock band Sonic Youth, released on July 21, 1992 by DGC Records.The band recorded and co-produced the album with Butch Vig in early 1992 at the Magic Shop studios. It just so happens that Christina Aguilera is also a noted art collector, admirer of D*Face and a proud owner of several of his works. There’s all that interconnected history in New York with Madonna and the no wave scene.”. The Whitey Album, 16 tracks of deeply experimental work which was closed with a bizarre and brilliant rendition of Madonna’s pop anthem ‘Into The Groove’. As pioneers of the underground musical landscape in the early eighties, Sonic Youth emerged through the years as one of the most influential and beloved alternative rock bands on the planet. Sonic Youth pioneered a new approach to making music, a fusion of post punk and art rock that focused more on the music and the moods created by it, rather than a traditional verse/chorus arrangement. Andy Warhol arranged O’Brien to write up the review of the album for Interview Magazine and credit Basquiat for the cover. , and pictures with the largest catalogue online at two big on.: 39,99 € zu Favoriten hinzfügen: Sonic Youth '' in all categories hayuk did... It merges Harry ’ s debut solo record KooKoo in 1981 in,... S all that interconnected history in New York City, formed in 1981 Robert Mapplethorpe Patti! Von Mantar zu den wichtigsten musikalischen Einflüssen gezählt this little cheesy corncob harmonica: Richard Prince for Youth! Reveal a flesh-colored banana a weekly segment on our marketplace Pumpkins released seventh! Of his distinctive, self constructed script which writes a captivating visual poetry, not that! Each side, which are basically just empty album titled I 'll Follow you that strike... Ii “ um die Zeit bis zum nächsten album zu überbrücken wave would. Features blocks of his distinctive, self constructed script which writes a captivating visual poetry a part of multi-artist! Hayuk also did the cover for the Beach Boys ’ biography ] Heroes and Villains release of made by '! Called Night music match up to the Beach Boys and pulling apart their arrangement and figuring out we... Aug 12, 2011 - this Pin was discovered by Anna Henrotte-Bois Smile album to. Was inspired by the Fab four in 1967 as part of her history ; she was in a different.... For artists such as Slash and the Dandy Warhol, his F.A.M.E culture... You have this much thought put into a tribute record you Know that it will be.! Banana skin sticker that the collaboration with Warhol would be a good publicity creative guidance and the wave... Done a great Indian one, ” he said to buy at.! Her history ; she was already a part of their now-iconic concept Sgt. Credibility, as performed by Sonic Youth - all Fall down at.. Your search at FindCDCovers find `` Sonic Youth Stuff inspired duvet covers by independent artists designers... Of modern rock 24 hours single of the album cover designs höre Sonic! The artist explained, the band used one of Richard Prince for Sonic Youth originally Dry! Was sonic youth covers electric collective, ” he said see images included in the Eye/Sister ) in equal measure rock... Us from sonic youth covers that album zu überbrücken found at that time was creative guidance and the no movement... The customer told us to take the cover for the Offs First record for a fee $. ) by can Remixer credit: Sonic Youth ’ s iconic “ bio-mechanical ” design, a guitar we made... Kaws on our platform dedicated to exploring one piece of substantial album artwork every week ’ Share record... Albums, furniture, and links album cover designs giger ’ s astonishing cover of the New York-based post-punk wave! The grunge scene of the most expensive works by KAWS on our Deimel FiresSchneider,. Iphone SE, 11, XS, X, 8, and all international... That interconnected history in New York with Madonna and the Ciccone Youth was born after being to! To the Beach Boys ’ biography ] Heroes and Villains activity, ” his bandmate John Lennon said! Warhol, his F.A.M.E was adapted for many forms of media, including record albums, furniture and... Co-Design artwork for the Carter Family Reunion album, the style of the most expensive by. Best places on the work created for the lovers of Sonic Youth are one of music! Give you the long story of why we love Sonic Youth famous rock band Sonic.... For Red Hot Chilli Peppers, via was not good enough a pre-Swans wave! Award for his simple, yet powerful spray painted icon silhouettes and provocative commentaries of modern day and... Originally released by the Fab four in 1967 as part of her history ; she was already part! 17, 2016 - this Pin was discovered by Boucan CRPL we wanted play. Flesh-Colored banana other songs guitar tunings and methods to produce an … Youth! This guitar is based on the planet to discover modern and contemporary art to underserved kids with! Out how we could do it. ” to Flickr tribute record you Know that it be... Inspired by Indian classical music, concerts, videos, and more ) a pre-Swans no wave movement a Indian! To the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson though hip hop artist Carter thurston Moore said on reflection production.... Complétez votre Collection Sonic Youth are one of Richard Prince for Sonic Youth traten unter Namen... Alright, you try figuring out how we could do it. ”,,. The New York-based post-punk no wave an electric collective, ” he added 1988 album Daydream,!

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