i am afraid meaning

Does it mean I apprehend or doubt and I regret as well. Is it imperative to put *that* here: I am afraid *that* I won't be able to help you I am afraid *that* your question is irrelevant. What does i-m-afraid-so mean? Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary • Don't be afraid. ... • I am afraid I don't know his second name, but I have been his friend since he was a boy. How to use afraid to say in a sentence. I won't hurt you. fraid (ə-frād′) adj. Afraid definition: If you are afraid of someone or afraid to do something, you are frightened because you... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Afraid in this quasi-apologetic usage always looks to the future (sorry to have to disappoint another person or to have to disabuse them of a notion). English term or phrase: I am afraid: I want to learn the whole range of connotations of I am afraid from native speakers. I am afraid definition based on common meanings and most popular ways to define words related to i am afraid. Afraid to say definition is - —used as a way of expressing one's disappointment, regret, or sorrow. afraid - Definition from Longman English Dictionary Online Your example is of the latter type -I'm afraid (that) I cannot accept your request of taking a one-week leave." 3. Nbr 3 does not work. i am afraid so! Synonyms for 'I’m afraid': I’m sorry, I/we regret to inform/tell you that, my (humble/deepest/sincere etc) apologies, I beg your pardon, excuse me Used especially to soften an unpleasant statement: I'm afraid you're wrong. Learn more. Unfortunately, yes; I regret that that is so. Afraid for means something different. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary meaning, synonyms, see also 'aforesaid',Arad',arid',Africa'. definition in English dictionary, i am afraid so! Filled with regret or concern. i am afraid definition in English dictionary, i am afraid meaning, synonyms, see also 'aforesaid',Arad',arid',Africa'. Filled with fear; frightened: afraid of ghosts; afraid to die; afraid for his life. • I didn't tell anyone, because I was afraid of being punished. Egypt. 2. afraid meaning, definition, what is afraid: frightened because you think that you ma...: Learn more. Nbr 4 works only if the fear is of what the person will do or say or feel when you tell them that you missed the last session. 1. afraid meaning: 1. feeling fear, or feeling worry about the possible results of a particular situation: 2. used to…. Arabic- Egyptian Aug 19, 2016 #4 velisarius said: This is … E. emanko Senior Member. Having feelings of aversion or unwillingness in regard to something: not afraid of hard work; afraid to show emotion.

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