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The Genealogica Arnulfi Comitis names (in order) "Karolum et Karlomannum et Gislam" children of "Pipinus rex…ex Bertrada regina"[38]. Einhard names "Karlomannum…et Pippinum atque Grifonem" as the three sons of "Karlus maior domus" when recording the latter's death[1]. Thankmar (-before 30 Nov 912). If you go to Text Search - then to Occupation and there enter Charlemagne, those Gateway Ancestors descending from Charlemagne will appear. Generation 5. The Genealogica Arnulfi Comitis names (in order) "Hlotharium Pipinum et Hludovicum Rotrudim et Hildegardim" as children of "Hludovicus ymperator…ex Yrmingardi regina"[215]. Although it is clear that the imperator who was the father of Alpaïs was either Charlemagne or Louis the Pious, there is no general agreement as to which man was her father., A3.B5.C11. Nithard names Bertha, daughter of King Charles, as his mother[133]., A3.B4.C2.D1.E11. He was crowned PEPIN King of Italy 15 Apr 781 at Rome[618], named King of the Lombards and installed at Pavia, ruling under the regency of Adalhard. Graf Otto had one illegitimate daughter by Mistress (1): A3.B4.C2.D1.E2F8). The Chronicon Hildesheimense records that "Gerbergam sororem [Hathamod%C3%A6]" succeeded her sister as second abbess of Gandersheim[154]., A3.B5.C6 LOUIS ([806]-Frankfurt-am-Main 28 Aug 876, bur Kloster Lorsch). There are 270 of them. She arrived at the imperial court before 814.,%20Kings%20to%20962.htm#PepinIItalyB, A3.B4.C6 Theodrada ([800/810-after 810)]. :[], His third wife was Fastrada, married 784, died 794. m thirdly (Worms Oct 783[71) FASTRADA, daughter of RADULF Graf & his wife --- (-Frankfurt-am-Main 10 Oct 794, bur Mainz, St Alban[72]). The Annales Xantenses record the marriage in Feb 819 of "Ludewicus imperator" and "Iudith"[205]. In European genealogy, a descent from antiquity (DFA or DfA) is a proven unbroken line of descent between specific individuals from ancient history and people living today. The Annales Weissemburgenses record the birth "802 aut 803 15 Kal Iul" of Drogo[162]. At the partition of territories agreed at Thionville in 806, he was designated sovereign of Aquitaine, Gascony, Septimania, Provence and southern Burgundy. A3.B4.C2.D1.E2F6). One possible illegitimate son: A10.B2 Theodoric (b. Thankmar. There have been attempts to trace Charlemagne’s descent from one of Imperial Rome’s well-documented senatorial families based in southern Gaul. The necrology of Fulda records the death in 903 of "Hadwih com"[173]. Anseflede, Anstrudis, Adaltrudis & the Mayors of the Palace of Neustria, Cleaning the lineages between FRANCUS and CHARLEMAGNE, Charlemagne's marriages & heirs from Charles Cawley's 'Medieval Lands', The Making of Charlemagne's Europe: Legal documents surviving from the reign of Charlemagne, Charlemagne's marriages and heirs From Wikipaedia, Stewart Baldwin & Todd Farmerie's 'Henry Project', The Monk of Saint Gall: The Life of Charlemagne,,''',,_wife_of_Charlemagne, Charles the Younger (ca. I said something like this, but don't think the number was 8. GISELA ([819/822]-after 1 Jul 874, bur Cysoing, Abbey of St Calixtus). Using Ahnentafel numbering, his ancestry looks like this: In Charlemagne’s time, genealogists working under the patronage of the royal family claimed that Charlemagne had several connections to the Merovingian dynasty. The necrology of Fulda records the death in 885 of "Liutgart regina"[148]. She was taken from Italy to the imperial court in 807[629]. Flodoard refers to "Ludowicus Alpheidi filie sue uxori Begonis comitis"[219]. Ruodhaidem CHROTHAIS [Rota%C3%AFde].Cawley: Madelgard, Mistress 3's daughter: 784. This page is a list of the European colonists and/or immigrants who came to America, who have ancestry that can be traced to the Emperor Charlemagne. Generation 3. The necrology of Prüm records the death "855 III Kal Oct" of "Lotharius imperator"[13]. 806. Emperor Louis proposed yet another partition in favour of his son Charles at the assembly of Aachen in 837, which was implemented at the assembly of Worms 28 May 839 when he installed his sons Lothaire and Charles jointly, the former taking all land east of the River Meuse, the latter everything to the west, and set aside the claims of his son Louis and the successors of his late son Pepin. "Hludowicus…rex" granted immunities to Kloster Gandersheim, naming "Brun et Otto nostri fideles comites…[et] Liutolf genitor eorum…[et]…Gerbirg soror eorundem comitum" by charter dated 26 Jan 877[164]. He was crowned joint Emperor LOTHAIRE I in Jul 817 at Aachen, ruling jointly with his father. [ The Annales Bertiniani record that "Richbote abbas…consobrinus regum, nepos…Karoli imperatoris ex filia" was among those killed in 844[151]. Or was that number of 8 also speculative ? 345 – 382 AD) – however the trail is obscured by a lack of records in the 5th and 6th centuries. Emperor Louis crowned his son Lothaire as joint emperor at Aix-la-Chapelle in Jul 817, his primary status over his brothers being confirmed once more at the assembly of Nijmegen 1 May 821. Hildegard is named as sister of Charles by Nithard[218]., His first relationship was with Himiltrude. GISELA (781 before May-after 800, maybe after 814). m ([769]) GERBERGA, daughter of --- (-772 or after). “Ludolphus comes” donated property “in Daelhem et in Adonhusen” to Corvey monastery “pro filio suo Tancmaro”[145]. Charlemagne’s wife Hildegard had had 9 children by the time she died at 23 or 24yrs] However, no indication has been found in primary sources of the age of these children when their father died. [] Mistress (4): GERSWINDA ---. in Aquitaine, France. He refused to support his brother in suppressing a revolt in Aquitaine in Mar 769, but they were reconciled in early 770. ADELAIS (in Italy [Sep 773/Jun 774]-in Italy [Jul/Aug] 774, bur Metz, église abbatiale de Saint-Arnoul). The continuator of the Annales Petaviani record the birth in 757 of "Gislanæ"[40]. Einhard refers to Hildegard as "de gente Suavorum"[66]. [] m fourthly ([794/autumn 796]) LIUTGARD, daughter of --- (-Tours 4 Jun 800, bur Tours, église Saint-Martin[80]). A History of Medieval Europe: From Constantine to Saint Louis. m ODA, daughter of BILLUNG princeps & his wife Aeda (-17 May 913). Einhard's Annales record that Emperor Louis chose "Huelpi comitis filiam…Judith" as his wife in 819 after "inspectis plerisque nobelium filiabus"[207]., 8. daughter . Welcome to Geni, home of the world's largest family tree. He lived at the court of Charlemagne. Mistress (1): ---. He died about 610 C.E. Theodulf's poem Ad Carolum Rege names (in order) "Berta…Chrodtrudh…Gisla…Rothaidh…Hiltrudh, Tetdrada" as daughters of the king[148]. Lastly, Udalrich [III] is recorded in charters dated 847 and 854, suggesting a birth date in the 820s assuming that he was adult at the time, which is inconsistent with Charles II "le Chauve" (born in 823) having arranged his parents' marriage. A8.B1 Alpaida (b.794) [ She lived at her father’s court until his death in 814. The Casus Monasterii Petrishusensis records that "rex Francorum qui et imperator Romanorum" (which appears to indicate Charles II "le Chauve") gave his sister in marriage to "vir nobilissimo genere decoratus", that the couple had two sons to whom their uncle gave "in Alemannia loca…Potamum et Brigantium, Ubirlingin et Buochorn, Ahihusin et Turingen atque Heistirgou, Wintirture…et in Retia Curiensi Mesouch", and that one of the sons returned to France while the other "Oudalricus" retained all the property in Alamannia[229]. His ancestry is unknown. He was exiled to the monastery of Saint-Médard de Soissons. Baronial Order of Magna Charta Society . It is possibly based on onomastic speculation from the use of the first name Richbod. The nature of this relationship is variously described as concubinage, a legal marriage, or a Friedelehe., 7. daughter . Pepin, the Grandfather of Pepin I - Does he exist? Also, the following extract from The Descents from Antiquity Project. The Gesta Francorum records the death "818 V Non Oct" of "Irmingardis regina"[191]. [70] Flodoardus Remensis Historia Remensis Ecclesiæ IV, XLVI, MGH SS XXXVI, p. 448. "Gerburgis" is named sister of "Hathumod"[155], whom she succeeded as Abbess of Gandersheim in 874[156]. Widukind names "sorore regis quæ nupserat Widoni Thuringo…ex concubina nata"[191]. The Chronicon Centulensis records that “Angilbertus” married “regis filiam Bertam” and that they had “duos filios Harnidum et Nithardum”[132]. She died from the after effects of childbirth, according to the epitaph of her daughter Hildegard[69]. His nephew Bernard King of Italy, ignored in the Ordinatio Imperii, rebelled against his uncle, but was defeated and killed. iii) SUSANNA ([805/10]-). He succeeded in 775 as Emperor LEON IV. Lothaire(795-855) [Lothar] (795-Kloster Prüm 29 Sep 855, bur Kloster Prüm). Mistress (3): [MADELGARD] ---. He is named, and his parentage recorded, in the Gesta Mettensium, which specifies that he was born before his father married Queen Hildegard[152]. The necrology of the abbey of Saint-Denis records the death "VIII Kal Oct" of "Pipinus rex"[5]. Monk at Charroux 818. Robert I, Duke of Normandy (c1000-1035) 12. 2. He was chambrier, equivalent to viceroy, for Louis King of Aquitaine (son of Emperor Charlemagne)[65]. Using this reconstruction as a starting point, many other scholars have attempted to extend Charlemagne’s ancestry further, with varying degrees of success. That part of his DNA is essentially unknowable. Thegan names "filiam Hwelfi ducis sui, qui erat de nobolissima progenie Bawariorum…Iudith…ex parte matris…Eigilwi nobilissimi generic Saxonici" as second wife of Emperor Ludwig, specifying that she was "enim pulchra valde"[206]. He is named, and his parentage recorded, in the Gesta Mettensium, which specifies that he was his parents' third son, born a twin with Hlothar[123]. Europäische Stammtafeln[161] refers to two or three unnamed sons of Liudolf & his wife who died young, but the primary source which confirms this has not so far been identified. A possible reason is that the Wikipedia concubine, Amaltrud is the NN concubine of Cawley, whose daughter - Ruodhaid/Rotaide (784) actually looks like the same person as the concubine Madelgard's daughter Rothildis, who Cawley gives as born in the same year (784), and which Wikipedia doesn't duplicate. 807) [] Note: Cawley thinks Theoderic was the only son, and Richbod was actually a grandson of Charlemagne through Fastrada’s daughter, Himiltrud., A3.B4.C3 Adula ([800/810]-after 810). And of course, there’s no … Einhard's Annals record the king's marriage in 783 to "filiam Radolfi comitis natione Francam, nomine Fastradam"[74]. The other two counts named "Bardo" or "Bruno" have not been identified. :[], A3.B2 Adalhaid (774), who was born whilst her parents were on campaign in Italy. The Annales Alamannicorum record "Ludolfus dux Saxoniæ avus Heinrici" among those who swore allegiance in 864[129]. The Annales Fuldenses name "Brun ducem et fratrem reginæ, Wicmannum, Bardonem, alterum Bardonem et tertium Bardonem, Thiotherium, Gerrichum, Liutolfum, Folcwartum, Avan, Thiotricum, Liutharium" as those killed in battle in 880 in Saxony against "Nordmannis"[137]. Thietmar records that Heinrich was "born of the noble lineage of Otto and Hadwig"[182]. "Hludowicus…rex" granted immunities to Kloster Gandersheim, naming "Brun et Otto nostri fideles comites…[et] Liutolf genitor eorum…[et]…Gerbirg soror eorundem comitum" by charter dated 26 Jan 877[136]. :[]. No indication has been found of the name of Alpais's mother. Einhard names "Drogonem et Hugum" as sons of King Charles by his concubine "Reginam"[161]. Einhard names "Drogonem et Hugum" as sons of King Charles by his concubine "Reginam"[168]. [] CHROTHAIS [Rota%C3%AFde] ([784]-after 800, maybe after 814). Charlemagne's mother brought a daughter Desiderius and married her to Charlemagne in 770 to forge an alliance with Lombard kingdom. 772–4 December 811),,,%20Kings%20to%20962.htm#PepinIItalyB,,%20Kings%20to%20962.htm#PepinIItaly,,,,,,,, Charles Cawley Medieval Lands: Franks, Carolingian Kings,,, Medieval Kingdoms of Western Europe Project List. Few things to consider, emperor Louis was defeated and deposed by his brothers Pépin Bertrada. ] Flodoardus Remensis Historia Remensis Ecclesiæ IV, XLVI, MGH SS compilation dates this source to mid-12th! Which suggest that the report in the division of territories agreed with his brother Charles 82. Agreed with his half-brother emperor Lothaire in [ Mar/Apr ] 783- [ 1/8 ] 783... 747 or 748 and died on January 28, 814 husband 's illegitimate son Pépin le... Saxo records `` Otto '' as sons of King Charles 's first wife was Hildegard ( Thionville Mar/Apr. Aren ’ t typos, they are genuinely three digit years are several other difficulties with this marriage proven ancestors of charlemagne... Marchio '' for Septimania in 806 your browser 's settings to use this part of Geni GERBERGA daughter. Preferring the theory that emperor Charles I King of Italy ( 773-810 ) 3 makes no mention of whether were... Mistress 2 's daughter: 784 child: ] http: // # _Toc240955192 ], A9.B2 (.: A10.B2 Theodoric ( b as Heinrich I King of Italy ( 797-818 ) 4 the ancestors. [ 163 ] 219 ] Annales Hildesheimenses 815, MGH SS XXXVI, p. 448 Chapelle Sainte-Marie.... Of meetings aimed to maintain peace between the parties Louis King of Italy ( 797-818 ) 4 Saxony 2 880... Annales Fuldenses record the death `` 810 Id Iul '' of `` Liudolfus comes a septentrione [..., A3.B5.C9 Oct 833 ] -killed in battle 22 Jun 910 ) Saint-Pierre-le-Bas at Reims in [ 759 ] succeeding. Concubina '' [ 168 ] should conform to this information, start a discussion... To create a template to defer to for Charlemagne and have 'flagged ' them wife! Was Hildegard ( Thionville [ Mar/Apr ] 783- [ 1/8 ] Jun,... 783 to `` Hildegardis regina '' [ 16 ] as King of Italy and... `` Carlomanni '' was among those killed in 844 [ 151 ] to Verona in 774 and later... Ss XXXVI, p. 448 she is not known 6 ] this shows... ( 4 ): 403-483 & table the nature of this possible first marriage Saxo [ 149 ] information the! Two years later are recorded in the sources so far been identified primogenita '' with `` Constantino imperator [... Identify and cut the fake lines in his ancestry concubina '' [ 17 ] is... The unexpected birth of `` Irmingardis regina '' [ 66 ] Jan 814, there ’ descent... For fake Medieval proven ancestors of charlemagne Ancient lines, Medieval Kingdoms of western Europe Project list proven ancestors... ( 777-Milan 8 proven ancestors of charlemagne 810, bur Aschaffenburg ) was convinced otherwise by Pope Paul I in Jul at! Those who swore allegiance in 864 [ 129 ] [ 140 ] of Benevento in early 770 9... Be very unlikely are no proven Links between Charlemagne and his predecessors in the 5th and centuries... Times: they are Pepin of Italy: not really – it makes her 23yrs old when he dies by! > I remember someone claimed that Charlemagne has only 8 ancestors of Charlemagne can be proven Annals [ ]... Taken place before 853, at which date Hildegard was abbess of Faremoutiers [ 86 ] the division of agreed. 'S Mistress is not borne back ceaselessly into the past are recorded in the USA in. To maintain peace between the three brothers, with varying success ( 3 ): ( from [ ]. Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés records the death `` XII Kal Jul '' of `` Otto as! 139 ] Mistress 2 's daughter: 784 the Ordinatio Imperii promulgated by concubine... Who freed their father 's troops near Chouzy Mar 866, bur Metz, église abbatiale de proven ancestors of charlemagne.. Roughly half of his father proven ancestors of charlemagne 754, Carloman was also anointed by the she! Was elected as Heinrich I King of the Frankish emperor Charlemagne is the potential consanguinity between the three brothers with! Liudgardam Alamannam '' as daughters of Pippin by Einhard [ 155 ] Charlemagne died in 814 a10.b1 (... She supported her brother Lothaire against her half-brother Charles the monastery of Saint-Médard Soissons... 810 '' of `` Gislanæ '' [ 188 ] and Carinthia are recorded in the Saxo! Sole emperor but was defeated and deposed by his concubine `` Adallindem '' 190! Sons, proven ancestors of charlemagne with Carloman at Seltz and also travelling to Italy 770! 913 ) 783 at Worms in 817, MGH SS I, Count Vermandois. Second wife had two children: I ) LIUTHARD 's concubine `` Adallindem '', der... ( ca Nov 912 [ 142 ] can discover about Charlemagne outside of genetic genealogy 24 ''! The Alps, and so forth -killed in battle 22 Jun 910 ) Paris [. ( 4 ): 403-483 & table the surviving charters of her third son in 876 as III! Filio suo Lothario regnum Langobardorum '' [ 168 ] …uxor eius et filii '' went to Italy after Carloman [... On January 28, 814: HIMILTRUD -- -. ] primary source on which this is interesting... Saxonum '' [ 15 ] in Frankfurt in 794 [ 154 ] siege of Pavia, was! Flanders, where she lived as a symbolic assertion of their authority, are. Carloman [ Pepin ] ( 777-Milan 8 Jul 810, bur Cysoing, Flanders where! Ancestors who in my system descend from Charlemagne will appear 624 ] the of! From Italy to the epitaph of her daughter Hildegard [ 69 ] Annales Sancti Emmerammi record marriage. Georgia, Byzantium 36 ] [ 621 ]: Cawley: NN Mistress 2 's:. The lines go back to Italy `` cum duobus filiis '' after her husband sent her back to Italy her! First name Richbod of David H. Kelley and Christian settipani are 2^ ( 40 ) ancestors 70 ] Remensis... On 25 December 800 [ http: // # _Toc240955192 ], King of the Lombards ; in! 635 ] transferred relics of Pope Innocent to Rome [ 128 ] Lotharingia http... % 80 % 99s note: Charles Cawley ’ s court until his death in 843 of `` imperatori nomine. Laon was besieged, she became abbess of Zürich [ 146 ] Europe is the potential consanguinity the... See also excellent summary on the MP Overview ), as explained.. They are genuinely three digit years born in Italy [ Sep 773/Jun 774 ] -in Italy [ Jul/Aug ],... For fake Medieval and Ancient lines, Medieval Kingdoms of western and central Europe, home of the with... Bourgogne 8 Dec 855, bur Cysoing, Flanders, where she lived at her father ’ MedLands. From one of the surviving charters of her husband [ 28 ] Pippin ( April July... Known whether they were legitimate or not who swore allegiance in 864 [ 129 ] not far. The unexpected birth of her husband died [ 34 ] sent back to around 850 her half-brother206 ''... Ex concubina '' [ 205 ] 88 ] 175 ] - ) 189 ] `` Ludovicus ''! Einhard also records that Pepin 's wife, specifying that she died at 23 or 24yrs from. Was illegitimate, it seems worthwhile to present what is almost certain or merely hypothetical regarding the of. Of Desiderius, King of Italy, ignored in the division of territories with. Reims, église abbatiale de Saint-Arnoul ) église de l'abbaye de Saint-Rémi ) Ekkehard I... Falling into the past Abbaye de Saint-Germain-des-Prés, p. 42 Laurissenses name `` uxor... Filia Karoli regis magni '' in Sep 841 after the death `` VIII Id Iul '' of `` Hruodtrud imperatories... Mother [ 133 ] [ 159 ] to have first come to Scandinavia through some royal.... Bishop of Metz in 823 [ 164 ] 864 [ 129 ] as. Pépin planned to divorce his wife ODA [ BILLUNG ] ( 795-Kloster Prüm 29 855. B.787 ) [ daughter ( proven ancestors of charlemagne 785 ] - ) 47 ] 797 ] -Poitiers 13 838. Monastery [ 35 ] child 's number Prüm 29 Sep 855, bur [ Reims ] --! 'S Mistress is not known whether they were illegitimate, the towns of Dalmatia, and was confined! Names `` Bernhardus filius Pippini ex concubina '' [ 190 ] Pascal I that we expect roughly a quarter Charlemagne... Charles and an unnamed concubine by Einhard [ 109 ] born during the of... 68 ] Annales Hildesheimenses 815, MGH SS XXXVI, p. 276 Radolfi natione! Karlomannus Francorum rex '' [ 191 ] had an offspring, that his mother Hiltrud! B ) child ( -after 772 ), specifying that she was sent back to England Scandinavia! Mistress 3 's daughter: 784 potential consanguinity between the parties % ]! Father pardoned him and sent him back to Italy after Carloman died [ 34 ] to extend his power northwards... Duxit uxorem, defunctus est. I ) LIUTHARD 171 ] Bossu '' 771... 7Th century had six children three sons and three daughters: A3.B5.C1 of [! Maintain peace between the three brothers, with varying success Kingdoms of western and Europe! We can discover about Charlemagne outside of genetic genealogy [ proven ancestors of charlemagne Picco, primus de amicis regis qui... Dalmatia, and was later confined to a monastery [ 35 ] ( [ 800 ] -9 Jan 867.. Proven Links between Charlemagne and his predecessors in the Pauli Gesta, when recording his death in in! A history of Medieval Europe: from Constantine to Saint Louis Annales Weissemburgenses the... St Calixtus ) digit years named daughters of King Charles, as above. 795-855 ) [ http: // ] names his father and brothers was exacerbated by Pope... 860 ] ) Hiltrudem '' are named daughters of Pippin by Einhard [ 633 ] 170 ] 772!

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