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Greece is the world’s most popular and most attractive yacht charter destination. Sailing Greek islands. Sailing in Greece and the Greek islands with luxury catamaran. Considering the protected bays, the peaceful waters and the ideal weather conditions you will not hesitate to… Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and situated near the coast of North Africa. Some of the best areas for sailing in Greece, where many yacht centers are located, are the islands of Poros, Lefkada, Paros, Skiathos, Corfu and more. Unlimited destinations to explore ! Greece is the Mediterranean sailing destination that has it all. The Greek islands are an ideal place for summer holidays and the best way to explore them is to rent a charter a sailing boat in Greece. We also had the best skipper ever, Rita. After parking the boat, you’ll stroll the streets soaking up the special atmosphere of the magical bay. Sailing in Greece. Greece sailing holidays are know for protected harbours, and Sivota is one of the nicest natural harbours and one of the most picturesque fishing village in whole Ionion. Sailing in Greece: Seascape's World of Adventure Sailing Are you a traveller with an independent mindset, looking for an adventurous way of experiencing Greece and / or Turkey? ATHENS — An Olympic sailing champion’s powerful testimony has sparked a #MeToo movement in Greece. Sailing in Greece is an opportunity to savour everything this ancient country can offer to a keen traveller: endless sunshine, the sea and the country’s unique natural beauty in the summer, a mix of rugged rocky landscapes and sandy beaches.. Last week, Sofia Bekatorou, a gold medalist at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, revealed that she had been sexually assaulted in a hotel room by a high-ranking official of the Hellenic Sailing Federation (HSF) in 1998, when she was 21 years old. A catamaran charter in Greece is ideal for all sailing abilities, with areas of high winds and milder winds depending on the area of Greece. For yachting adventurers who own their own vessels, things to visit include the Malia Palace at Milatos, the Spinalonga lagoon, the Paleohora, castle ruins, Loutro, the charming port o… If You love sailing and want to see a real beauty of Greece this trip is for you. Sailing in Greece is a prominent tourist activity that allows visitors to explore the mainland and islands from a whole different vantage point. We’re super excited to share with you a three-part blog series about sailing the Greek Islands, its wind patterns and itinerary recommendations from Master mariner, Julian Blatchley.Julian has sailed the Greek Islands since the 1980s, when he chartered a sailboat out of Alimos Marina, Athens, and slightly over-stayed, returning home in 2014. Enjoy a relaxing sail on the crystal blue waters of Greece. Learn to sail in Aegina in Greece. Greece’s roughly 6,000 islands and islets (227 of which are inhabited) are scattered far and wide across the eastern Mediterranean. The Aegean Sea winds usually blow during the summer, from May to September. Skiathos sailing holidays. Sailing in Greece is a near-mythical blend of line-of-sight cruising and longer, more challenging passages. Greece however is different. The irresistible blue of the Aegean Sea is enough to persuade any possible sailor. The country has around 3,000 islands, which is the most in the Mediterranean Sea. The Greek islands especially are a paradise for a sailing vacation. The best way to explore Greece, particularly its islands and long coast, is to hire a boat and hop from one island to another. File photo. Greece is a great place to sail with hot and dry summers, and idyllic islands, beaches and beautiful villages waiting to be discovered. The capital of Athens is easily reached from numerous countries worldwide, making it an excellent starting point for a sailing holiday in Greece. Best sailing deals with catamaran sailing tours on the Greek Island as Santorini, Mykonos, Milos and ios island SANTORINI SAILING The winds in Greece are divided according to the country’s two sea regions: the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea. The best time to sail in Greece and Turkey is between late May and late Oct. Sailing in Greece is so much more than a charter vacation – it’s a journey of discovery through the cradle of western civilization. Greece's first female president met Olympic sailing champion Sofia Bekatorou on Monday to express her support for the athlete who publicly claimed … The beauty of the Ionian islands makes this part of the Mediterranean a heavily visited area in the tourism season. It’s a story of people living their lives in an alternate way, in close connection … The Ionian Sea’s light winds and warm waters invite sailors of all abilities to take on a real adventure, while the Saronic caters for those looking for a more testing voyage. Swimming and snorkeling in turquoise water, cave exploration, hiking, beautiful sunsets, sunrises and delicious food are all guarantee. But it’s also a story about meeting amazing people and making life long friends. However this depends on the whims of the local officials. The numerous unique island groups, their hidden beaches, coves and their natural beauty are just a few of the reasons why sailing in Greece is a must-do. The island features many Minoan historical sites. Yacht charters to this island are also rare because it is far away from Athens and other ports. It is a story about sailing and travel and adventure. Easy access to our base near Athens airport and very close to Cyclades islands! Greece is an ideal country for sailing because of its large choice in destinations. Earlier in the season is possible, but those glorious sunny-all-day Med conditions are not guaranteed; we can still get some dodgy weather early in May. Skiathos is a fantastic sailing destination for sailors seeking fresh breezes in an unspoilt area. This is our story, a story of three souls sailing around the world. Prices starting from €164/day Excellent Condition Sailing boats with all extras available! Sailing in the Greek islands is for sure a perfect choice for a fantastic time during summer vacations, a time of your life that you will hark back to. Sailing in Greece. Greece enjoys a warm, sunny climate with a sailing season that starts in April and lasts throughout the middle to end of November. You have to formally get a Transit log (TL) which is the record of your Temporary import. Great mixture of adventure, relaxation and fun. You will then need to report to each port you go to on arrival and again on leaving. Greece’s Island Groups. It is rare that sailors venture further south than this island. Contact us and get a discount of up to 25% on bare-boat charters. Renting a catamaran in Greece and sailing all along waters will provide you with a perfect insight into Greece most well-known islands and cities as well as some off-the-beaten-path locations, including white-sanded beaches and crystal clear waters. The Greek sexual abuse scandal experienced a new twist in revelations that came to light on Friday. Its mountains are normally covered in snow. The main reasons to sail the waters off of Corfu, Greece are the Or are you a keen sailor already, and love how a yacht can escape the usual well-beaten tourist tracks; an … Sailing Greek Islands Experience the thrills Charter a Sailing Yacht or Catamaran is the ideal way to go island hopping in the Greek Islands and explore some of the undiscovered gems that Greece has to offer. Sailing. Get Exclusive Deals for your Sailing Holidays in Greece! The Ionian Sea separates Greece from the Italian Mainland and is a popular destination for sailors. With fewer yachts based here than in other areas of Greece, it is possible to get the 'off the beaten track' feel which is appealing to so many.

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