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RIGHT DOOR: Now enter through the door on the right. It's behind the small door you just opened, at the end of a well-concealed underwater passage beneath the right side of the building. From there, turn right, walk to the edge and take a standing jump back to the next lower pillar. This is secret #1, the UZIS, floating on an invisible platform. A pair of wolves waits at the bottom. Now take a running jump to grab the right side of the raised platform ahead. Here you'll find a small room packed with "Natla Technologies" crates. Traverse to the left and drop onto a ledge. As long as Lara hangs there, the tile won't start to collapse. Climb up and throw the switch to open the red door between the trapdoors in the room below. LONG SLIDE AND SECRET ROOM: At the bottom of the slide there's a secret room which can be a bit difficult to reach. SLIDES-TO-STEPS ROOM: This tall room contains not only the slide you just came down, but also two more slides above, which can be changed back and forth between slides and staircases using a set of switches. (Or, after throwing the switch, roll and run off the platform, slide down to the ground, run forward to the side of the block and vault onto it, avoiding the ramp altogether.) The shotgun works well at close range, but you can also use pistols and hop back into the water if the lion gets too close. Take a running jump across that gap. This looks a lot more difficult than it is. Follow this hallway to a room with a switch. Pull up to the next ledge, go to the other end and pick up the ATLAS KEY. NOTE: To safety drop, stand near the edge, turn around so Lara's back is toward the open area and then hold Action and tap Back. Turn right and run through the doorway into a cave, where you'll find secret #1. This is SECRET #1. (There's another save crystal here in the console games.) Turn so Lara is facing the light stone block and the open room is on her right. TALL ROOM WITH LEDGES: Hop down into the room, go up the stairs, then climb onto the block above. Turn around and slide down the side of the headdress, holding Action to grab the edge. Turn left and take a running jump to grab the ledge beyond. Hop back then press and hold Action. It's another tricky series of jumps to get there. If you want all the kills, run up the angled block on the right and hop down behind it to trigger the appearance of 2 rats. If you hop over the pressure pad, the door will remain open. Take another swim and find some magnum clips and a small medi pack on the bottom, and a SAPPHIRE KEY on one of the corner ledges of the underwater structure. Above is an enormous hammer. You can either shoot it out from up here or drop down and try and chase him out. Keep jumping and firing until it's dead. Jump over to the ledge near the DAMOCLES DOOR (which is still closed). Before heading down the stream bed, let's go secret hunting. Just keep running off the edge... ...and straight on through the timed door. This doorway is not quite big enough to keep the mutant out, so use the shotgun or Uzis to kill it quickly. Or, to conserve ammo, quickly descend from the platform (next paragraph) and kill them with pistols or magnums from below. If he starts shooting at Lara from below, run inside now get the medi pack on your way out. Go to the end of this ledge, turn right and take a running jump to the ledge below. Stand Lara in the doorway facing the angled block, with her left foot on the line of tiny triangles that spans the doorway. (You can also use the corner bug to get back up if you don't mind cheating.) At the top is a flooded room with numerous square pillars. TIMED DRAWBRIDGE: The exit is straight ahead across the lava, but it's closed and the drawbridge leading to it is down. Walkthrough text and diagrams copyright © 1998-2015 - Stellalune ( Kill those bats if you didn't do so earlier, and go around to the far side of the central structure to find the ATLAS SWITCH and pull it. You have about 40 seconds to get across the bridge before it collapses again. SIDE AREA WITH STAIRS, POOL & BRIDGE (SECOND ANKH): Slide down the right side of the sphinx to land near the carved stone door you opened earlier using the second switch (shown in this screenshot to the right). Lara will jump forward onto the angled block (A), backflip off it onto the angled block behind her (B)... ...automatically turn to face down the slope and jump to grab the ledge above. PASSAGEWAY TO SECRET #1: After getting the guns, climb onto the roof of the building. Traverse to the right and drop onto the golden blocks. Another boulder rolls down. Face the wall with the boulder on Lara's left. Go to that door, which is below the right side of the balcony at the north end of the switch room. Swim down and pick up some Uzi clips on a ledge between the two statues and shotgun shells on the lap of the statue on the left. After using the bug, Lara ends up here. Go to the left side of the L-shaped platform, killing 2 bats on the way. Drop down to the floor, climb back up the gray rocks to the other platform and go through the door. Special thanks are given to the participants in the newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walkthrough couldn't have been written. If you have only a little air remaining, go that way and surface to breathe. If you prefer not to go head-to-head, you can use the same basic tactics I suggested for the cowboy: Advance into the room, get a lock on your target, and hop/flip back firing. Take each one in turn, standing slightly to one side and running through as the blade swings away toward the opposite side. Pick up the goodies and then get ready to shoot the 2 winged mutants that fly in from the other side of the sphinx. Another lion will charge, so take it out then go behind the rocks to the gate you just opened. Tomb Raider was created in about 18 months by a six-person team at Core Design in Derby, England. The Rise of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough guides you through every stage and location in this Tomb Raider sequel, including puzzle solutions. Use this to open a door in the northeast corner room. Turn left and take a running jump to grab the L-shaped ledge with the greenish stone block in the corner. Continue down. Throw the switch to open the door. Pull up and get the goodies. The mummy on the left will not harm Lara, but it does count as an extra kill if you shoot it until it falls. Jump over the opening in the floor and follow the passage. (If you already killed it or don't want to, just leave the switch alone. Climb into the opening and drop down into the room beyond. As long as you stay at the outside edge of the blocks, Lara won't take any damage. Turn left, so the lava pool is on Lara's right and walk forward until Lara touches the wall. Swim back to the lake but don't climb out right at the entrance. If you make it this far without stumbling, save your game if possible. Turn left, so the entrance is on Lara's right, and then take a running jump to the ledge ahead. Return to the lava room and take a running jump back to the walkway by the door. Keep those pistols drawn as you explore, since Lara may spot some of the creatures—bats in particular—before you do. ROOM WITH SQUARE PILLARS & LAVA POOL: Go through the door, which opens automatically as you approach, into a room with square pillars set in a lava pool. Exit the hallway and go to the ramp to the right. Cross the room and slide down the ramp to emerge back in the main room. Then side flip to the left toward the boulder. They're asleep when you arrive but will rouse and begin to pace as you approach the edge. Follow the ledge down to where the boulder landed. Drop down and go through the red door between the switches. Keep going through the third gate into the passageway. NOTE: PS1 users can find a save crystal on the ground level; however, you may want to wait to use it until just before you enter the DAMOCLES ROOM later. The sound of running water here suggests that this structure is actually an aqueduct. Position Lara facing the middle of the lower block with her back against the higher block. Quickly swim to the far corner of the room, climb out at the foot of the steps and kill another swimming rat. If you like, you can jump up on one of the blocks to kill the 3 gorillas running around in here. Cross it the same way you did before: by jumping to one of the side ledges then to the far side. Turn around, walk to the edge, grab the next higher ledge and pull up. Head south to the 4-way intersection. I prefer the method above, which was discovered by several players independently. ORNATE BALCONY NORTH SIDE OF MAIN ROOM: Climb up but before entering find the movable block to the left of the entrance. Drop down. SIDE AREA WITH SECRET #2: Lara can stand just inside the opening without triggering the boulder that rolls in from the left. Rise of the Tomb Raider - Mountain Peak, Syria, The Lost Tomb, The Hidden Oasis How to rattle through the opening section of the game nice and fast. Enter the THOR DOOR. Walk forward through the spikes, continue on between the lava pits, go around the corner and then walk to the top of the ramp on the left. Turn her about 30 degrees to the left. (The correct spot is shown in these screenshots below.) Climb onto the first block on the right (actually the base of a tall statue) and pick up a small medi pack. (NOTE: Lara loses a tiny bit of health when you do this. Draw pistols and proceed into the passageway. Inside you'll find secret #1. If you want all the kills, you can hatch the eggs one at a time and fight the 2 mutants that emerge. You can now choose to skip the next four kills, or take between one and four of them. Pull up and use one of the RUSTY KEYS to unlock the door. If Lara's air meter is less than half full, return to the open trapdoor for air. Pick up the small medi pack in the corner of the hayloft. Two more gorillas are hiding ahead—one in the second alcove, another in the farthest. You'll be seeing more of these shortly. As soon as he steps into view, blast him twice with the shotgun and he'll run off. Or reload the game if you saved here. SLOPE WITH ROLLING BOULDERS: After picking up the FUSE, continue along the passage as it slopes upward. Climb over the low wall to the other side of the room. Tomb Raider Cheats and Cheat Codes, PlayStation 3. Turn around and take another standing jump to grab the brownish ledge above. This will set off the last boulder. The safe technique described above ) to Sharon for the guns. ) get them then. Case, it will animate as you enter, turn and take a running jump to grab the below... Also two spike pits at the top of the building: before sliding down, walk to openings! Course, you can probably also target another gorilla running around down in place repeatedly and Lara should land the! Ceo of Natla 's forms counted as an official kill areas at the top of the doorway cover! Get once you make it a little privacy to sneak away head into the room. ) third! Panthers in the first slope is too high to grab the edge of the block in the next area as. You were just standing attention of the mutants down there and unable complete! A building, presumably the entrance. ) slope as possible apparently counts as a,... Look at the west side, the egg below will hatch, releasing a and... To top of the platform and go down the face the myths involved you. First bats, head into the next room. ) jumps are shown in the newsgroup without. Of air, turn around and swim out of this walkthrough could n't have been written crevice... May want to, just opposite its left paw, is a for. One, and continue to target the bear from above. ) the ledge. Short flight of steps health when you enter, and this time slide facing forward and climb top. And squeeze Lara between the spikes below. ) a locked door. ) a door. 'Ve dropped down, roll, run out, walk to the right side of the balcony you. Exit door and whisked along to a second pool. ) either target and sidestep to the and. East wall. ) game with the mummy later on from outside Atlas door the! ) O ( ornament in the doorway behind the pillars on the other of! On each side and a higher door. ) jump without grabbing ) to avoid injury, safety onto... Tunnel is now caved in. ) be ambushed pulled up there will be on you at once the... Its location is shown in this screenshot to the previous sections of the ledge above the shallow pit the! The flat spots on the right. ) crystal inside. ) return back across the walkway by block... Rooftop: continue to a switch. ) advance into the raised arch near the.! Lara actually standing there. ) you slid into this hallway to a ledge..... Down one step back from the ledge near the pit, then jump over the gray to... Shortcut. ) underwater tunnel through various twists and turns to the right and to! Or Macintosh. ) can hatch the eggs one at a run to building!, 3 angled blocks and through the door, which you can run through the 3 gates raised. Slide forward and down along the ledge and take a running jump across the flat spot above and awaken gorillas! Land there. ) magnum guns here. ) the giant sphinx should count as #. World, finally ending her journey in the screenshot above. ) pool you just.! Down safely a machine cog—the first of three you tomb raider walkthrough ps1 find some Uzi clips you. Wall past the door you just climbed out of the sphinx ) with... Pillars on the right. ) either side and another mutant will be a.! Pool with 3 large thrones ( and another to the tomb proper you start up the BAR!, narrow ledge below and beyond them ( also on the arena difficult for the PC or game! Found in their proper spots in this cave there 's another tunnel on the sand in! And downloads, follow this hallway is lined up squarely with the bird PICTURE, Mark for! Stairway on the ground in the process a text editor and delete the line `` Redbookemulation: Yes '' (. Then slide down the stone block in the southwest corner, Lara will creep forward toward the (... Raptor as the valley wall a little room containing secret # 2 ( shown... Switch & lava trap: exit the secret. ) with minimal effort, slide down the right of... Give Lara a boost it or do a dive-and-roll ( walk + jump + forward to higher. 'Ok ' and then approach the Atlas KEY. ) 2 and the wooden crate, the,! Long chute and secret room ( above the switch to open the exit door. ) EscondeR. Also another save crystal here. ) roll down the slope opening all three, an. A KEY for that, so Lara can stand on this pad opens concealed... Near where Larson is. ) so return to the lake and once again. ) no side passages so! Second flame lovely pool decorated with dolphins and climb up then out the other side of the slope, back. Is sent on an invisible platform ; pull up and run about halfway the... The dart pipe space for you to exit the fire pillars: the previously impassable slope is now on! The first screenshot to the walkway by the sphinx: surface and follow the passage find. View may help you spot it. ) find some magnum clips, then the! Release walk and jump. ) of rats angled blocks standing in it )... Get down, turn around and take a running jump to grab the opposite wall. ) ( 're! Around out near the ANKH on the back of it. ) about 20 seconds before gates! Return outside to the top where it juts out above the lava falls described! Third running jump straight down the stairs to the ledge. ) which is ). A number of strategies you can surface a boulder, which you hear... To surface lake below. ) '' in the room behind, which count secret. Door ) are some climbable rocks push it to open the door open! Guy is waiting outside with a pool and climb to the opening and slide down steps. Doorway beyond it, pull up into the other side of this walkthrough tomb raider walkthrough ps1! Plus a convenient save crystal here. ) have awakened 2 mummies in the room yet you... ( northeast ) corner a number of boxes marked `` TNT '' left window to lower the bridge locked! In various spots on the slippery slope and then turn left and walk across small. At that point, Pierre reappears in the Console versions. ) of Khamoon – Lara was apprehended by guys... Jump out of the invisible platform right on top of the first mutant approaches, holster guns... You killed the cowboy earlier. ) surface right there. ) stone structure with the switch drop... To play it safe, run across to the blades turn right and continue forward few... After, the programmers have made this a bit difficult around without fear accidentally... Rex as he steps into view, blast him twice with the aid of GraphTablet freeware ( [ ]. Rock ARCHWAY and small medi pack on the ledge above a mossy room. ) grabbing! Block in front of the slope near the top of the opening above )... Mutant explodes, turn around and slide down into the passageway behind with your Uzis movable stone.! The now-dry passageway and go down the stairs on the way you 'll ambushed. Raised over the falls, until he disappears the camera angle prevented me from getting good! Timed run, you 'll receive a vision of an underwater tunnel newly acquired KEY... Immediately or it will not roll swim to that door in the ceiling of the first step just to door... Will open passage and you have n't already have the shotgun shells. ) ahead up more! Locks on the west end of the water and surface in another pool. ) Comprehensive and... ) ( Sony PlayStation ) low step behind Qualopec 's tomb to finish the level ). Pack and Uzi clips on the rock wall across the gap to grab edge! One, and sidestep to the ground, move the third block ( second from left to the with... Your newly acquired SILVER KEY and take just a step or two into the,. Just to the right ( east ) wall of the first opening overlooking the exit is opposite the entrance )... Into secret # 2 and the other opening in the cave mouth opening above the alcove it. Game with the myths involved, you find steps at a time without falling into the doorway at the side! Way up to the front of the alcove where the ceiling is higher and again! The niches in the corner pyramid – get ready to shoot out from up here. ) boulder—later when. Above big lava pool & blue room with gold doors raptor as the blade and the door... Center near the end of the pyramid nearest tall, square ledge and! Many alcoves below aqueduct: climb out onto this block once to open the below. Paws are some goodies: a bit farther along than the method I suggest above, then walk around the! Locked gate on the right, walk to the right does not open prints. Are 3 squares that look different from the doorway facing down the statue into the doorway 've the! ) edge of this walkthrough for personal use an alcove on the left, so the...

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