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1 Rarity 2 Implemented 3 Teased 4 Trivia Devil Fruits have a chance to spawn … Người đăng: ★๖ۣۜPɦαη๖ۣۜPɦσηɠ★Emiya vung vẩy lấy nắm đấm, đem đột kích bạch hạc kỵ sĩ đánh nát. z: To transform you into a Wolf, also enables the rest of the skills; x: To use the Claw (Power = … 1 Etimología 2 Habilidades y debilidades 3 Uso 3.1 … Which the user is not harmed by. Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: King Cobra; Paramécia Zoan Logia Other Community. Tipo: Paramecia. Bu meyveyi yiyen Noroma Fotonları sayesinde rakibini yavaşlatır. 国境のジエム, Kokkyō no Jiemu), besser bekannt unter … Bu meyvenin kullanıcısının vücudunun … Bomu Bomu no Mi is Paramecia Devil Fruit which allows the user to explode parts of his body, including hair, mucus and even breathing, making the user a Human Bomb (爆弾人間 Bakudan Ningen),was eaten by Bakura Kaien. Mr. 5 tarafından yenilmiştir. Damage: 1000 Stamina Cost: 300 Cooldown: 4 XP Gain: Type: Mobility + AoE. Essa habilidade é absolutamente temível em combate … 1 year ago. [2] " Bomu" is the Japanese spoken word for "bomb". First and foremost, the Bomu Bomu no Mi gives its eater an immunity to explosions. Classic editor History Comments Share. in Devil Fruits on One Piece: Pirate's Quest 3. They can be found be randomly growing across the map, and are separated into 3 distinct categories: Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia. It is the worst fruit of the game, but it is a fruit. Causing damage to all in his range. Définitions de Bomu (langue), synonymes, antonymes, dérivés de Bomu (langue), dictionnaire analogique de Bomu (langue) (français) Bomu-Bomu no Mi (Bomb-Bomb Frucht) Typ: Paramecia Gegessen von: Javier Alfaro Costa Attributssteigerung: Der gewählten Kampfklasse angepasst Beschreibung: Wer diese Frucht isst, erhält die Fähigkeit an jeder Stelle des Körpers Explosionen zu erzeugen, ohne dabei Schaden zu erhalten. Bomu Bomu: Fling Bomb. Mr 5 é o usuário desta fruta, ex-membro da Baroque Works .Esta fruta permite ao usuário fazer qualquer parte do seu corpo explodir, seja cabelo, muco, ou respiração, fazendo com que o usuário a Bomba Humana. Jack Jack + tm-shanks + colo-kid + orlumbus + elisabello II. Let's delve into what that really means. Bomu Bomu No Mi : Kullanıcının vücudu bombaya dönüşür ve bomba salgılayabilir. Note: all damage numbers are at max level. Damage: 519 per hit Stamina Cost: 300 Cooldown: 4 XP Gain: Type: AoE. This fruit was eaten by Mr.5, one of Crocodile's lackeys who appeared during the Whiskey Peak Arc and Little Garden Arc. This can extend to their entire body, an … He could also eat gun power properties. Trello renamed This is a card. It was eaten sometime before the … Add Image. Bu meyveyi kullanan kişi sınırsız miktarda duman üretebilir ve güçlü bir dumana dönüşebilir. Bomu Bomu: Self Destruct. King Piece Devil Fruits – Inu Inu no Mi – Wolf. The Ganma Ganma no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into nuclear energy at will, turning the user into a Nuclear Human. Add Video. Smoker tarafından yenilmiştir. The Bomb Fruit can be bought from the Devil Fruit Dealer at the cost of 5,000 B$ , 50 R$ or found randomly throughout the world.. Moveset [edit | edit source] The weakness to this fruit is Seastone. Please note, these are strictly my headcanons as to what a Devil Fruit is capable of. King Piece Devil Fruits – Bomu Bomu no Mi. It is considered as the worst fruit in the game ranking at number 21. Noro Noro no Mi Paramecia türü bir meyvedir. Bomu Bomu no Mi là Trái ác quỷ kiểu Paramecia cho phép người dùng làm cho bất kỳ bộ phận nào trên cơ thể của mình phát nổ, cho dù đó là tóc, chất nhầy hay hơi thở, khiến người dùng trở thành Bomb Human (弾 Bakudan Ningen?) La fruta Bomu Bomu (ボムボムの実, Bomu Bomu no Mi?, lit. İngilizce'si Smoke Smoke Fruit, Türkçe'si ise Duman Duman Meyvesi'dir. TheSofu Sofu no Mi is a Paramecia -type Devil Fruitthat enables the user to transform whatever they touch into a highly explosive, highly flammable substance, thus making that person a Bomb-Production Human (ボム製造人間; Bomu SeizoNingen). This can extend from a bomb pellet to a bomb boulder. Fue consumida por Diamond D. Drake. Main article: Bomu Bomu no Mi During his childhood, as a slave to the world nobles, he was forced to eat Bomu Bomu no Mi , allowing it to trigger explosions of body parts including hair and nails and even secretions such as mucus and saliva droplets in your breath, as well as granting it immunity to any other kind of explosion, making Kaien a Human Bomb (爆弾人間 Bakudan … ?, and affords the ability of moss generation, manipulation, and transmutation. Today, I will discuss Mr. 5's Bomu Bomu no Mi or Bomb Bomb Fruit. While the Pamu Pamu no Mi has a lot of diversity and can whip up some devastating attacks, but it requires a lot of time to set up, and the relationship between it's strength and the user's strength is very weak. The Bomu Bomu no Mi in effect The Bomu Bomu no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to make any part of his or her body explode, whether it be hair, mucus, or breath, making the user a Bomb Human (爆弾人間'Bakudan Ningen'?). Bu meyve yiyene kendini dumana dönüştürme gücü verir. Bu meyve yiyene vücudunu lastiğe dönüştürme gücü verir. Damage: 2800 (2414 to yourself) Stamina Cost: 3500 Cooldown: 18 … Template:Devil Fruit Descriptions + MovesetsThe Bomb fruit is a Devil Fruit known in the anime as the Bomb-Bomb Fruit (Bomu Bomu No Mi). The user can control if their moss is airborne or not and can control if there are spikes and the density of the moss. Gomu Gomu no Mi şekil olarak Yubari Kavunu'na benzer. people saying that in one piece explosions dont hurt enough, but i think that this fruit … Devil Fruit Appearance: The bomu bomu no mi looks just like a yellow and orange pear with spikes all around it. La Bomu Bomu no Mi (ボムボムの実 Bomu Bomu no Mi) es una Fruta del Diablo de tipo Paramecia. The bomu bomu no mi is limited with uniform usage, but makes up with speed and consistent power that grows with the strength of the user. La… Fruit Rarity: Common . This work only vs 20 and 30 stamina, vs 40 stamina the dmg isn't enough (orlumbus + elisabello II)..maybe if you … Ou seja, mesmo se o usuário optar por explodir seu braço, ou até mesmo seu corpo inteiro, ele não será afetado pela temperatura ou impacto de sua explosão e não receberá qualquer dano. İngilizce'si Rubber Rubber Fruit, Türkçe'si ise Lastik Lastik Meyvesi'dir. Write the first paragraph of your page here. Write the first section of your page here. 7 years ago. Bomu Bomu no Mi Paramecia türü bir meyvedir. ☞) They are capable of making explosions erupt from their body or body parts. Damage: 500 per hit Stamina Cost: 350 Cooldown: 5 XP Gain: 120 Type: AoE. Bomu Bomu: Self Destruct. Baku Baku No Mi : Kullanıcı herşeyi yiyebilir ve birleştirebilir. Drag it onto "Tried It" to show it's done. Damage: 2333 (2414 to yourself) Cooldown: 20 Stamina Cost: … Hoe ship. In der Serie: Synchronsprecher: Tobias Lelle Japanischer Seiyū: Masaya Takatsuka Zu finden in: Manga, Anime: Erster Auftritt: Manga Band 13, Kapitel 110 Anime Episode 065: Landesgrenze Gem (jap. Edit. Passive: All attacks are an AOE [Z]Bomb Pistol: (Allows the user to shoot an exploding pellet) It is called the Boom-Boom Fruit in the Viz Manga and theBomb-Bomb Fruit in the … [GREEN] Bomu Bomu no Mi. Esta Fruta hace que quien se la coma pueda ser capaz de hacer explotar cualquier parte de su cuerpo sin causarle ningún daño al usuario. Devil Fruit List OPRP has many usable devil fruits, both custom and canon. A Bomu Bomu no Mi é uma Akuma no mi do tipo Paramecia. [2] Nó được ăn bởi Gem, được biết đến nhiều hơn với biệt danh Baroque Works… Bomu Bomu no Mi Moveset. Strenghts and Weaknesses Usage Trivia Currently only Paramecia and Logia fruits exist in the game. (from This is a card. İngilizce'si Bomb Bomb Fruit, Türkçe'si ise Bomba Bomba Meyvesi'dir. "Sofu" means blast in Japanese, and in all translations has been referred to as theBlast-Blast Fruit. Bu meyve kullanıcısının saçı, sümüğü hatta nefesi bile patlayıcıdır. Bomu Bomu no Mi. Fruit Cost: 200,000 Beli 0 gem or also 350 Robux. TheHeadlessHorseman copied Bomu Bomu No Mi from Yami Yami No Mi(Darkness) in list Mythical Fruits Board One Piece: King Of Pirates wiki Bomu Bomu No Mi(Bomb) It was eaten by Fermi. 1 Etymology 2 Strength and Weaknesses 2.1 Strengths 2.2 Weaknesses 3 Usage 3.1 Techniques 4 Trivia 5 References "Ganma" means "gamma" in Japanese which is referencing … Damage: 933 Stamina Cost: 300 Cooldown: 5 XP Gain: 100 Type: Mobility + AoE. "Fruta Bomba Bomba") es una fruta del diablo de tipo paramecia que hace que quien se la coma pueda ser capaz detonar cualquier parte de su cuerpo, incluyendo, pelo, mocos y aliento, sin causarle ningún daño al consumidor. Primeira aparição (anime): episódio 66. Equip Effect: Bomu Bomu: Detonate . Section heading Edit. The bomu bomu no mi, or bomb-bomb fruit, is a paramecia-type devil fruit that allows the consumer to become a literal walking bomb. TL;DR: These are the … Fighting Style: Bomb Voyage Weapon Utilization: Air grenades filled … Doru Doru No Mi : Kullanıcı mum oluşrurabilir ve onu şekillendirebilir. Foxy … Wiki Activity; Random page; Videos; Images; Discuss. Devil Fruit Description: Allows the user to turn his body and body parts into explosives. Equip Effect: Bomu Bomu: Detonate. Fruit Cost: 50,000 Beli or also 125 Robux. The Mosu Mosu no Mi is a Logia Type Devil Fruit that was eaten by?? Nothing is official unless Oda says so. Recent blog posts Forum Explore. Being immune to an explosion means being immune to a blast that can … Hana Hana No Mi : Kullanıcının uzuvlarını çoğaltabilmesini sağlar. El usuario es inmune a explosiones. Gomu Gomu no Mi Paramecia Türü bir meyvedir. Devil Fruits are mysterious fruits that give the user unique abilities when eaten at the cost of their ability to swim. Bomu Bomu no Mi. A Bomu Bomu no Mi concede ao seu usuário a habilidade de explodir qualquer parte de seu corpo, sem quaisquer contrapartidas. Bomu Bomu no Mi (Fruta da Bomba) Quem a comeu: Mister 5. 1 Description 2 Current User 3 Usage History 4 Approved Techniques Devil Fruit Ability: The Bomu Bomu no Mi makes its consumer a Bomb-person. İngilizce'si Slow Slow Fruit, Türkçe'si ise Yavaş Yavaş Meyvesi'dir. Fruit Rarity: Common. Note: all damage numbers are at max level. The user can make every part of their body explode, be it hair, blood, or even breath. [Bomu Bomu no Mi] The Bomu Bomu no Mi or the Bomb Bomb devil fruit allows the user to summon or turn things into bombs. Bomu Bomu no Mi: Fähigkeit: Kann Explosionen entstehen lassen und ist resistent gegen die Auswirkungen von Bomben. The Bomu Bomu no Mi, or the Bomb-Bomb Fruit, is a Paramecia-Type Devil Fruit, rated at Tier 4, and costing 4 traits. Shanks ve tayfası tarafından bir hazine sandığının içinde bulunmuş, daha sonra Monkey D. Luffy tarafından yenilmiştir. Poder que concede: Permite ao usuário explodir partes do seu corpo inclusive cabelo, meleca do nariz e bafo, além de conceder imunidade contra todo tipo de explosões.-----Kilo Kilo no Mi (Fruta do Peso) Quem a … Những này sử ma đối với phổ thông ma thuật sư mà nói, lực sát thương cực lớn, nhưng đối với Emiya mà nói, lại không tính là gì, bản thân hắn thực lực … El consumidor es inmune a las explosiones. Bomu Bomu: Fling Bomb. Drag it onto "Tried It" to show it's done. Moku Moku Meyvesi Logia türü bir meyvedir. Primeira aparição (manga): capítulo 110. Bilimadamları henüz bu mikroskopik partikülleri çözememişlerdir.

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