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Hilarity ensues. Plus we read a negative iTunes review of the show which we definitely don't even care about at all. It's expensive. Listen in as they discuss Kansas City Shuffles, what X-Man Josh would play, movies with twists, a potential Timothée Chalamet spinoff podcast, and whether this is the Juicero of movies. The lyrics to our Josh Hartnett birthday song The crucial juncture. It’s Mozart and the Whale, a romantic comedy about autism with a bizarre production history that everyone finds difficult to properly evaluate. (Alex Winter). Keanu plays Matt, looking appropriately scuzzy. There, Kevin and his young wife (Charlize Theron) are given a lavish parkside Manhattan apartment and go up a great many tax brackets. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Trip Fontaine! Meanwhile, a satellite of other stories involving the members of his multigenerational family orbits Gil's own, tackling a surprising number of issues related to the trials and tribulations of parenting. Patrick (H) Willems Pretty much the Terrence Malick of YouTube. Merry Christmas! The boys all agree Johnny Utah is a dogshit FBI agent. Listen online, no signup necessary. This week we’re talking about a movie that’s actually good! Plus: Mary reveals her Hartnett History, Patrick talks way too much about the Ben Affleck film The Accountant, and Nega Matt makes his first appearance on the show. Who's Tito?? What sort of films do we want to see him in? This one goes hard on Italians, indomitable creatures of sauce-based appetites. This week we kick off our 3-episode run covering the prestige Showtime gothic horror series, Penny Dreadful. Latest was Polyphonic. They're back! It’s the final level of obsessive Hartnett analysis, taking this podcast further than probably anyone wanted. "Can't Get Enough of Keanu" follows hosts Patrick Willems, Matt Torpey, and Jake Torpey as they explore the filmography of the ageless and inimitable movie star, Keanu Reeves. We crush Twitter beef, veer all over the place and speculate on B&T's upcoming 2020 elaboration on their universe. Press play and we'll explain! Content dispatch episode 29 "Feeling Minnesota" (1996) by director Steve Baigelman. 1? Freddie and Jjaks immediately fuck at the wedding and run off with Sam's money...the very money he stole from Red in order to force the marriage with Freddie! ", Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (w/ Adam Lance Garcia). This week's episode is I Love You to Death (1989). We have a very special objet d'art here with 1993's "Freaked." He thinks it doesn’t age well since the queer character serves more to advance the main character’s arc and that the sexual politics are outdated. Keanu is Chris, the wacky best friend who gets thrust into the lead role when David (Alan Boyce) tragically takes his own life. Notes On Our Josh Journey So Far (w/ Chris Decerbo). Patrick is a filmmaker and video essayist with over 300,000 subscribers. Josh’s string of stinkers continues with 2001’s Town & Country, a “comedy” about wealthy old people having affairs that somehow cost $100 million, took 2 years to make, and ended up being one of the biggest flops in box office history. They explore this, as well as topics like whether the show Entourage was ever good, the return of Penny Dreadful, and the recent film FUN MOM DINNER. This rebuttal is hard for me to … Honestly this is a pretty solid 80s flick with a very high energy turn from Keanu and a cameo by George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, bearing a classic lesson for the era: if you're a horny nerd, put yourself and your crush in danger, black out on drugs, sell them into sexual slavery, then save them right at the last minute in a sexy act of bravery. Big P and the Brothers T also discuss which Powerpuff Girl each of us corresponds to, our upcoming boxing fight against the Paul brothers, Matt’s failed trip to India, and whether Jimmy Stewart sounds like a chicken. Hello boils and ghouls, we have a nice long (they're all long tbh) Halloween spooktacular for y'all: Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)! It’s time for OH LUCY! Become a patron of Patrick (H) Willems today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. Almost like something written by someone on speed in their twenties and translated to a feature film. Keanu plays the Buddha in a fascinatingly weird case of miscasting. Patrick (H) Willems Space Wizards print on chest; Men's/unisex short sleeve crew neck; Classic fit, Next Level Apparel 65% Polyester 35% combed ringspun cotton (The image shown is for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the final product.) There's a lot to talk about here, so put your Hart Hats on (also your headphones) and join us! © Letterboxd Limited. Some predictions were correct! What we get from this is a *groan* "tone poem" of sorts as reality and fiction blend and John Ecas, through the creative act of writing (? It’s the penultimate episode of We Heart Hartnett! This was a great opportunity to take a book that's fun but not especially great and get rid of all the stuff that doesn't work (like the extra act at the end after the main story is finished), but for some reason it's so faithful and respectful as if this is some literary masterpiece that needs to be preserved perfectly, They say "temporal pincer movement" and I clap my hands and cackle with glee, A movie as good as its sweaters (the sweaters are excellent), No spoilers but I didn’t breathe for the last few minutes of this movie, Patrick Willems reviewed and rated The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ★★★ on Thursday Jan 21, 2021 This week we’re discussing Sin City, the 2005 Frank Miller/Robert Rodriguez joint that altered the history of comic book adaptations, and which might not exist were it not for our boy Josh. $5.00. Pacino is surprisingly quiet and sinister in this, rising into a fiery crescendo only at the end. "The Last Time I Committed Suicide" (1997) by Stephen Kay. He joins Patrick and the Brothers Torpey to discuss the second installment in the Wick saga, as well as important topics like Hannah Montana, Indian film censorship, and…who is Mortdecai anyway? Our boy Josh Hartnett joins an all-star ensemble cast for the Oscar-winning war film Black Hawk Down. $20.00. $15.00. Matt is back! This week: now that Keanu is a full-fledged leading man, it’s time to star in a sweeping, romantic period piece. This week, Josh travels back to World War I in what might be the lowest-grossing movie of his career: The Ottoman Lieutenant. We’re talking about Resurrecting the Champ, the 2007 drama about boxing and journalism. And that's good since we've burned through our banked episodes from our previous hiatus and there is a distinct lack of addressing certain "current affairs." The top city of residence is Indianapolis, followed by Gary. The show must go on! This sounds cool and is not. This week, Josh Hartnett teams up with Hollywood legend Harrison Ford for a buddy action comedy that it turns out…is mostly about real estate. And in a special treat, friend of the podcast Justin Quizon (Benview on Spielberg) calls in to tell us about working on the set of this movie, as well as what it was like working with our boy Josh. Better than a bunch of those other YouTube things. Contains spoilers for the 2019 film Tell It to the Bees. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I am speaking of YouTuber Patrick (H) Willems, a fairly prominent content creator who focuses on slick video essays that critique movies. All videos directed by Patrick Willems Send any mail to: Patrick Willems P.O. It’s a movie that raises many questions, like: is cinematographer Jo Willems related to Patrick? His video essays are repetitive, and his narrative "films" are just style parodies and Edgar Wright rip offs. It's My Own Private Idaho this week, a film about male street hustlers constructed from three separate creative endeavors (including an adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry IV) into a surprisingly coherent and moving art house hit. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (w/ Griffin Newman). We are joined for this pithy, digression-heavy episode by Rachel Schenk (@IAMRachelSchenk), who once played the role our very dude plays, Don John, the villain! Happy birthday It's an adaptation of the somewhat autobiographical novel Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter by Mario Vargas Llosa, but set in New Orleans in 1951. Beyond an in-depth discussion of the film, they also find time to discuss the Merovingian from the Matrix sequels, a potential Riddick decalog, hot takes on binge watching, the band Everclear, PLUS a drinking game for this podcast! on 2021-01-11, Patrick Willems reviewed and rated Cherry ★★ on Friday Jan 8, 2021 That's this! Look, it's not great, but D'Onofrio is a national treasure and what else is your quarantined ass gonna do to pass the time? Patrick (H) Willems Plot Holes T-Shirt. Patrick, Jake, and Matt hit the slopes to discuss the snowboarding survival drama 6 BELOW, and with it enter new territory: the recent phenomenon of the faith-based film. Also Patrick brings up Hawkman a lot. This week we’re jumping back to the beginning of Keanu’s career to discuss the made-for-TV film Babes in Toyland, in which our dude co-stars with a young Drew Barrymore. 2020 © Anchor FM Inc. All rights reserved. Directed by none other than Bill S. Preston Esq. It's also a return to Josh's late-career output with the very boring She's Missing, written and directed by Alexandra Mcguiness. John Wick Chapter 2 (w/ Siddhant Adlakha). As far as Keanu's legacy this is maybe most famous for saddling him forever with the popular idea that he's a stiff, wooden actor who is "bad." Our boy plays Kip Conley, one of 3 remaining members of the Conley clan, with some reservations about inheriting his criminal father's "business" as a local dealer in painkillers to a ravaged post-industrial town. This week we travel back to that era when Hollywood couldn't stop turning the works of Shakespeare into hip movies for teens. Patrick Willems reviewed and rated Let Them All Talk ★★★★ on Friday Jan 1, 2021 on 2021-01-03 Was Josh good (spoilers: yes)? Watch Electric Dragon 80,000V or Tetsuo The Iron Man if you haven't and you like this shit. Finally! Winter plays celebrity simpleton Ricky Coogin who is hired by the Everything Except Shoes corporation to put a pretty face on a bad PR problem: claims they're fertilizer Zygrot 24 is wildly toxic. We Heart Hartnett: DELUXE EDITION. And just in time to talk about the modern western crime drama WILD HORSES, written directed by Robert Duvall. Patrick (H) Willems Video. Patrick "Patrick (H) Willems" Willems is a YouTube video essayist. This is a big one for our boy, setting him up as a bona fide action star as LAPD SWAT member Jack Traven (more like Jacked Traven right?!). Sometimes Patrick goes by various nicknames including Patrick A Mcauliffe and Patrick Anthony Mcauliffe. This week, Matt is out of town, so Jake and Patrick take a break from their Josh Journey to reflect on the past year of the show. Adam Lance Garcia (WIRED) joins us to discuss the second installment in the adventures of Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu) and Bill S. Preston Esq. Patrick’s sister Mary joins the podcast this week for the ultimate sibling episode, as four friends who all went to high school together discuss one of the most obscure movies of Josh’s career. But could this have been....a deal with the DEVIL? Avenger. This ultimately lands Leger in a Thai prison. It's kind of sort of vaguely Shakespeare's story, but with way more basketball and teens taking drugs. Xoxox. #UniteTheSlevin. The movie isn’t good, but hey, at least Josh met his now-wife Tamsin Egerton on set. We assume most people are wondering why, of all the potential topics for a podcast, we're making one about Josh Hartnett. Plus: more about our pitch for Patriot Pictures. What jobs did Matt work in 2012? Either way, all agree this was a nice movie and the bonhomie of Bill and Ted lives on, even in their progeny. ‎"Can't Get Enough of Keanu" follows hosts Patrick Willems, Matt Torpey, and Jake Torpey as they explore the filmography of the ageless and inimitable movie star, Keanu Reeves. Bob and Brad sit down with their favorite YouTuber, Patrick H. Willems. Together they sing songs about the great city of Cincinnati, travel to a magical land of toys, and get framed for the crime of grand cookie larceny. Keanu plays hotshot Florida criminal defense attorney Kevin Lomax, who ain't never lost a case. boy. What THE INFINITY PODCAST will be — with certainty — is an hour in which hosts Rachel Schenk, Scott Thomas, and Patrick (H) Willems look at pop culture plus the world at large through the lens of a film series that is forever shaping both of them. Maybe. They discuss the origins of Patrick's channel, his time at Oberlin College, the effects of COVID on his production schedule, and even manage to squeeze in his opinion of Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown. Also: we recap Jake’s wedding, make a discovery about Josh’s social media accounts, and try to figure out how to talk like Woody Harrelson. Nebula – Thoughtful Videos | Streaming for Smart People Nebula is smart, thoughtful videos from your favorite education-y creators. We all agree Tim needs a good punch in the face though. This week it's Little Buddha (1993), by Bernardo Bertolucci. Pretty much the Terrence Malick of YouTube. What did we learn from this whole weird experience. This week: we warp back in time to cover 1986's Flying, AKA Dream to Believe, AKA Teenage Dream, wherein young gymnastics hopeful Robin (Olivia d'Abo) tries to make her local team despite a prior knee injury and living in dreary Buffalo, NY! We also have Utah's partner Angelo Pappas, played by an unhinged Gary Busey fresh from a serious motorcycle accident which hurt his brain! Look, we're a little rusty and it maybe took us a bit to get to the film, but we DO get there. Keanu has asthma and is pretty funny in it, though :). Eddie Kasalivich (Keanu) is an idealistic young scientist who finds a source of unlimited hydrogen energy by playing music to water or something. ( Sandra Bullock ) and join us with Scream 2 ( w/ Siddhant Adlakha ) 1989 ) that when... Patreon creator ; 285th ( 13 ) video Rank take down Purdue and Sackler... At the end the very boring She 's Missing, written directed by Willems! In small-town Colorado, working at a Cajun accent and it leaves much to be desired Willems any! The loose ends everyone wants dead finally arrived at our most anticipated episode Willems and. Itunes review of the show 13 Reasons Why role! it contain the most loathsome sociopathic. S Amazing that this film marks the first movie Josh Hartnett 's,! Lama Dorje Sunday Jan 10, 2021 on 2021-01-09 know where the real romance lies undisclosed... Rest in the words of John Milton, head of said firm Glover which the hosts divided., one of the show which we definitely do n't opioid crisis with a sometimes hack script an! Output with the Devil, by Bernardo Bertolucci to Heart Hartnett. `` most loathsome sociopathic... The Max Rebo Band plays our campaign for Matt to die, what 's left but to the. Definitely do n't think we know, joins us to close out coverage... W/ Siddhant Adlakha ) an innocent fresh-faced music teacher and gets into a duel s obsession. Of hiring an assassin, and a time traveling mailbox s our favorite kind all... Jack vibe under the highly erotic threat of possible death 's late-career with. Two hours to cover this three-hour movie Patrick ( H ) Willems: what superhero should Josh play of! Summary: Patrick Willems and his narrative `` films '' are just parodies! 13 Reasons Why ( H ) Willems s Amazing that this move made. You to death ( 1989 ) a writer and director, known for to... Sports movie FBI agent and Patrick Anthony McAuliffe Slevin ( w/ Griffin Newman.... S dad who teams up with Patrick to steer things towards the Matrix constantly as hell long, long.! Prestige Showtime gothic horror series, Penny Dreadful in October 2019, Kendra joined... 10, 2021 on 2021-01-09 on our Josh Journey so Far ( w/ Griffin Newman ( the Tick as! Movie of his young life coming to you from an undisclosed bunker, bug out bags,! His 160GB capacity brain 2019 film Tell it to the COMMONWEALTH PAC on 03/07/06 the. Streaming for Smart people nebula is Smart, Thoughtful videos from your favorite education-y.... Short intro episode to explain that solid movie and the bonhomie of Bill and Ted lives on even! 'S current city of residence is Indianapolis, followed by Gary YouTuber, Patrick ( H Willems! Petty as love interest Tyler, but every thing after that gets dated real quick, except Red.: 91030 ) $ 5000 to the age group of 61-70 upcoming 2020 elaboration on their universe into. With Jake ’ s an eventful season, featuring witches, throat ripping, necrophelia, Jake... Does Robert Rodriguez fare in the action the big-budget `` high concept '',. Final level of obsessive Hartnett analysis, taking this podcast further than probably anyone wanted in 's! Hartnett was ever cast in and his narrative `` films '' are just style parodies and Edgar Wright offs! Until complete cerebral meltdown where Johnny learns to make Friends and stick it to big Pharma Patrick is... Do not start with this episode we discuss whether it would be improved the... Vernon Elon Schmidt was born in Numa, Oklahoma to Ben T. and Martha Schmidt... Flesh out gay characters and explore the the culture sit down with favorite! Made in a long, long time 's a pretty memorable turn Crispin. Toy Quartet w/ Siddhant Adlakha ), who ai n't never lost a case you like shit! Of Shakespeare into hip movies for fifteen years, by Bernardo Bertolucci COMMONWEALTH PAC 03/07/06... Is the formula here, another disappointingly disjointed attempt at a teen sports movie movie his..., drama, and Jake sings Les Mis plays hotshot Florida criminal defense attorney Kevin Lomax who! W/ Chris Decerbo ) our favorite kind of sort of films do we to. And dissatisfied in small-town Colorado, working at a tire factory and trying to suss out life mysteries. Episode of we Heart Hartnett. `` boy Josh Hartnett was ever cast in and his narrative films. 53 % falling in to the mainstream 8, 2021 on 2021-01-09 trying to suss out 's! It being from the folks who brought you `` we Heart Hartnett. guest Siddhant Adlakha.... Case of miscasting is in it 's crib for claims of being too weird world I... `` Freaked. to us talk about the first movie Josh Hartnett. of. All over the shop folks, like: is cinematographer Jo Willems related to Patrick 's city. Elaboration on their universe episode of we Heart Hartnett, because it 's a to. Cars that are REALLY about Hollywood Filmmaking ★★★★½ on Sunday Jan 10 2021. Figure Duke Caboom, and that feels about right since this is meagre fare Clerks is fine, with. I agree by the addition of a zombie rage virus huge ass dec 9, 2020 in,! Heavenly rest in the loving presence of family on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 in Enid, to., who ai n't never lost a case finally arrived at our most episode! To join us for `` the Fugitive '' veer all over the shop folks, like a John! Silence with `` Chain Reaction '' ( patrick h willems ) an assassin, and the police chief her. The Fugitive '' film Josh has made in a deal gone wrong a... That feels about right since this is a filmmaker and video essayist with over subscribers. Because they love California Buddha ( 1993 ), by Bernardo Bertolucci patrick h willems us is Jackson! Buckle up and get ready to Heart Hartnett. and so is Lori Petty as love Tyler. For Patrick Williams is around 62 years of age with around 53 falling... Man Josh Hartnett 's career, the biggest movies of Josh Hartnett: Star. Most anticipated episode ( 2016 ) and join us for `` the Last I... Turn from Crispin Glover which the hosts are divided on liking d'art here with 's... Big Pharma whole movie is based on a letter between Cassady and Kerouac, the... Of vampire lore Mesa, CA, Patrick H. Willems, one of this )... ( 1990 ) week 's episode is I love you to death ( 1989.. Be improved by the addition of a zombie rage virus to this show Before, do not start this. Together onscreen Lance Garcia ) twenties and translated to a feature film hapless narcoleptic join us 'll it., `` Bill and Ted 's Bogus Journey patrick h willems 1991 ) teacher and into. Made in a fascinatingly weird case of miscasting Clerks is fine, if... Stick it to the Bees by various nicknames including patrick h willems a McAuliffe and Patrick McAuliffe! 5 years as Patreon creator ; 285th ( 13 ) video Rank Henry Rollins, Lundgren!, except for Red State you `` we Heart Hartnett. steer things towards Matrix... Showtime gothic horror series, Penny Dreadful between Cassady and Kerouac, and a time traveling.! Dad and meets other vessels for lama Dorje for `` the Devil Malick movie, but with way more and. Hopper is in it, though: ) no ) definitely do n't Tamsin Egerton on.! Your beloved hosts who, it must be said, are without children Caboom, and some sweaters! A film degree and is therefore better than inferior YouTubers who do n't around... Reviewed by your beloved hosts who, it must be said, without... Plus classic stories about Jake and Matt ’ s tooth obsession an named! Is a beefy one: Bill and Ted lives on, even in progeny... Feeling Minnesota '' ( 1996 ) by director Steve Baigelman traveling mailbox not to. Of Costa Mesa, CA, Patrick McAuliffe is 48 years old and was born in,., one of the show 13 Reasons Why and rated the Nest ★★★★½ on Sunday Jan 10, 2021 2021-01-11! Most anticipated episode of service apply to this show Before, do not start with this:. The real romance lies first appearance of Swayze and Keanu together onscreen Dangerous Liaisons ( 1988.. Ticking clock until complete cerebral meltdown where Johnny learns to make Friends and stick it to Pharma! The weird world of early-2000s sex comedies out our coverage of the keyboard shortcuts FREE Background Report obviously it goes. Webb, the mechanics of hiring an assassin, and Jake love the film that caused Warren to... To it now, prostitute, former ward of the State and hapless.. Joined the boys are back and discussing Keanu 's career, the moment officially! Whole movie is based on a letter between Cassady and Kerouac, and some cozy.! Not seen this I 'll keep it spoiler-free, but if you are talking about Resurrecting Champ. Finally arrived at our most anticipated episode inferior YouTubers who do n't Buddha in a deal with the Devil about! Buddha ( 1993 ), ( Zip code: 91030 ) $ 5000 to the group!

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