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He's a tall adult man with dark brunette hair and big mustaches, big nose, eyebags, round body, long arms and legs. Billy is a minor character in The Loud House. He also wields a black walking stick. In her first appearance she had white hair with a patch of black and wore a gray tuxedo with a black bow tie and brown shoes. Rita took a look at the tooth which caused Aunti Pam to faint. Lacey first appears in "A Mutt Above", while competing in a dog show competition against Lana and Charles. She penned the lyrics for three songs: "How Great is Your Love" (2011),[15] "What Do I Do" (2016),[16] and "Sailing (0805)" (2016),[17] while co-writing the song "Baby Maybe" (2013). "A Novel Idea" Roxanne Voice His friends teasing him for not having a girlfriend, Host and judge of the "Miss Prim & Perfect" and "Little Miss Southeastern Michigan" beauty pageants. Other names ", Lily starts pre-school where Dr. Shuttleworth calls Lynn Sr. and Rita that Lily wasn't potty trained. Voice Elementary School Student LolaLanaMeli RamosAbigail "You're gonna have to do some jail time." It's also a combination of the words "bill" and "buck", both of which refer to money. Unknown (kid/teen) Dr. Carol Linnaeus is a one time character in The Loud House, who first appeared in the episode "Blinded by Science". Voice Despite the other elderlies sneaking them back in and throwing off Sue, Lincoln and Albert get busted by Sue who somehow got into Albert's room and evicts them. Sirena Irwin Occupation Character information First episode Lana was told by Mayor Davis that she won that contest. Character information At the time when Rita was incarcerated, Officer Schoffner came into the visiting area and quelled the family's shenanigangs. 4 First episode Brandon is a minor character in The Loud House, who made his first appearance in "Vantastic Voyage". Abigail is a minor character who made her first appearance in "Community Disservice". She had a commercial done for it to announce that they are closing early to give their scoopers a rest. Stern Fern [Source]. Her job Occupation Unnamed father (father)Unnamed motherUnnamed sister Character information Age First episode Friends Age Likes [26][27] She contributed a song to its soundtrack, titled "Wind Flower". Voice John DiMaggio Current "The Old and the Restless" They've changed her clothes, her name, and tells her to lip sync her song instead of performing the song herself. Background information Character information He is one of Lincoln's schoolmates and one of Chandler's friends, who first appeared in the episode "Jeers for Fears". In "Homespun", Patchy states that Royal Woods is under a tornado warning. [Source]. Sophisticated partiesHis polo shirt getting dirtyLori taking a senior moment too farSwim team boys Giving reports about the weather Background information She makes a cameo in "Brave the Last Dance", in which she is first seen witnessing Emma turning down Clyde asking her to the school's Valentine's Day dance, and later seen at the dance itself. Retirement home nurse First episode He made his first appearance in "Singled Out" as Nadia's boyfriend. She has dark skin, short reddish-brown hair with pigtails, three pairs of eyelashes, and three teeth sticking out from her upper jaw. Background information Likes Middle School Student Likes Voice Tetherby was the heir to the tetherball fortune, so he's now a very rich man with his own mansion, and a private club just for the high-class. Elliot is a minor character in The Loud House who made his first appearance in "Singled Out". Eating apples Mark Daugherty First episode After returning to South Korea in 2004, Sooyoung eventually became a member of girl group Girls' Generation in 2007, which went on to become one of the best-selling artists in South Korea and one of South Korea's most popular girl groups worldwide. Billy Ms. DiMartino has a slender figure body, with tan skin and has long dark brown hair that goes all the way down to her waist. Dislikes [Source]. Age "You're sauce is weak because you're weak". Occupation His name is alliterative, which may be a reference to several superheroes with alliterative names, such as. First episode Also like Lily, he only wears a diaper. Unknown (Kid) [Source]. First episode She is a member of the groups, Girls' Generation and S.M the Ballad, and part of Girls' Generation's sub-units, Oh!GG and TaeTiSeo. Character information Silas Young Background information Life and career 1990–2007: Early life and career beginnings. He has thick, hairy forearms and a patch of curly hair on his chest. Elementary school student Dr. Linnaeus is a tall woman with brown hair with a hair knot in the back. Unknown (Kid) [Source]. This was confirmed by Maddie Taylor, who voices the character and transitioned after her first appearance; in August 2019 Taylor revealed that the character would return again in a fourth season episode and that the staff had the character transition as well so she did not have to voice a male character.[1]. She first appeared when Bobby visits her house so she could fit him for a tux, though Lincoln and Clyde thought he was cheating on Lori with her. Debi Derryberry Background information Unknown (Adult) Driving carsShowing his chest Bianca has long brown hair and wears a yellow dress with a pink sash. As of February 2020, JYPE is partnering with Republic Records to help […] CookingTeaching Lynn Sr. Unknown (Adult) Roger Character information Dislikes First episode Quote She wears hooped earrings, similar to Leni's, only golden, a pink buttoned shirt with a white collar with the sleeves rolled up, a red skirt, and black high heel shoes. Jesse Hiller Background information GolfingWild parties Even though Lincoln and Alistair look very similar, they sound different, because Lincoln has an American accent, while Alistair has a British accent. [Source]. In October 2017, Sooyoung left SM Entertainment although she remains as a member of Girls' Generation. Unknown (kid) She has light skin, orange curls and freckles on her face. A. Kidd is an irresponsible teenager, who prefers using his phone instead of actually working. First episode He is shown to be forgetful too, when he did not notice when he lost his name pin. While he was fixing the elevator, Luan tried to amuse him with her jokes, but he ignored all of them. Friends Lara Jill Miller [28] In 2015, Sooyoung starred as the female lead in KBS2's special drama Perfect Sense, which was produced by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance to help raise public understanding of the disabled. Unknown (Adult) "L is for Love" Middle School Student Dislikes Quote Occupation Dislikes Stern Fern is a minor character in The Loud House. [Source]. Dexter agreed, saying that the only reason he got together with her is so that his friends would stop teasing him about not having a girlfriend. Unknown (Kid) Bianca and Sooyoung are caricatures of animator Cheyenne Curtis and. Friends Voice Michelle is a minor character in The Loud House. Watterson Background information [Source]. Dexter is a chubby light-skinned boy with black hair and black-framed glasses. [Source]. "Sister Act" Tara is a minor character in The Loud House who appears in the episode "A Novel Idea". Other names Likes First episode Being mistreatedSnobby rich people Paige has light fair skin with light orange hair and three sets of eyelashes. They only like Bubble Gum Pop, Broadway, and perfect fashion. Likes Occupation MichelleLuna (formerly) A.Kidd TWICE Members Profile: TWICE Facts and Ideal Types TWICE (트와이스) is a girl group consisting of 9 members: Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. She is also a year older than Lana and Lola, even though she is in their class. Voice Likes "Snow Bored" At some point, Mildred resigned as a teacher and started the Frosty Farms Frozen Foods company using her recipes. David Jacks A Gentleman's Dignity (Korean: 신사의 품격; Hanja: 紳士의 品格; RR: Shinsa-ui Pumgyeok) is a 2012 South Korean romantic comedy television series starring Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ha-neul, Kim Su-ro, Kim Min-jong, and Lee Jong-hyuk. In "Saved by the Spell" he was among audience of talent show. Abigail Friends His name "Kaito" means thief in Japanese. [Source]. He loved to drink cherry soda. He wears a green sweater vest, a white long sleeved shirt, brown shorts, and dark brown shoes. Background information Background information Occupation CoffinsThe cemeteryR.I. Elliot Character information Age Clyde's parents left a note to him, but he misread it as they go to Brazil with Tiago, leaving Clyde for himself. Hassan is the first permanently disabled character in the show. In "Season's Cheatings", Rip Hardcore advertized his new backpack. "Potty Mouth" She wears a white button-down dress, and a white hat with the red cross symbol on it. "Picture Perfect" (cameo) Friends Background information She becomes a little more open after spending some time with Lola. Occupation Unpredictability of sports She wears an olive toned dress with light green spots, three golden bracelets on her right arm, round olive earrings, and pink lipstick. He first appeared in "Really Loud Music" where they serve as one of two main antagonists of the episode where he and Michelle convince Luna into changing her from a Rock n' Roll singer into a Bubble Gum Pop star. Voice Dana Occupation Age Clyde went to the airport with help from Lori and Lincoln and told his parents to not leave him, but they said they never intended to. Likes Roger is a high school student and a friend of Lori and Carol. Meli is a short dark-skinned girl, who has long black hair tied in pig tails, two pairs of eyelashes and eyebags. Tiago claimed that a samba school accepted him, but after he wished Clyde farewell, he revealed that he came up with the samba school story in an attempt to leave, saying that Howard and Harold's over-protectiveness was too much for him. She wears a light yellow tank top, rolled-up blue jeans, light yellow sandals, and black bracelets on her wrists. Elementary School Student Rip has a shaved head and wears eye black on his face. Clare is a young girl who seems to be a dog lover. She is a heavy woman, with light fair skin, two pairs of eyelashes, and dark brown hair tied up in a ponytail. Choi Soo-young (born February 10, 1990), professionally known as Sooyoung, is a South Korean singer, actress and songwriter. Groundskeeper Jim is a minor character in The Loud House. [6] Sooyoung has said in an interview that she was also interested in acting before debuting as a singer and had failed more than 70 auditions during her pre-debut days. Alice is a minor character who made her first appearance in "Singled Out". She is later shown playing Dance Battle, unaware of Lincoln trying to get her attention. In "Strife of the Party", Meli attended Lana and Lola's birthday party. Character information Hassan is a young dark-skinned boy with black short hair, eyebags and black spot on his right cheek. "Jeers for Fears" As the kids try to pass themselves off as Flip's kids, Rita had to come clean about everything. Charlotte Yang is a minor character in The Loud House who makes her first appearance in "Friend or Faux?". [Source]. She wears yellow ring earings on each of her ears, a red dress, a pink scarf around her neck, a yellow belt around her waste, and black high heels. Likes Age Repairman She makes her first appearance in "Friendzy", where she joins Lola in her attempt to prevent Lincoln from getting special privileges. Occupation Background information "Community Disservice" Middle School Student Occupation First episode Friends Friends This caused Rita to have her kids act perfect as they explain to Jesse about Rita by singing "Our Amazing Mother." Ms. DiMartino Ted is a minor character in The Loud House, who appeared in the episode "Vantastic Voyage". First episode Age Unknown (Kid) He has pale skin just like Lucy's, bags under his eyes, and black hair. [Source]. She works along with Schmitty, at the pet sanctuary. Inspiration Dr. Carol Linnaeus Character information It aired on SBS from May 26 to August 12, 2012 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:55 for 20 episodes.. Likes Occupation [Source]. She works as the editor-in-chief of the Royal Woods Gazette. Background information She does not like Lola either, due to her being Lana's sister, and for supporting her. Likes Voice Character information Friends [Source]. Mr. Hunky Royal Woods Likes He wears a lime green t-shirt with white collar, light brown shorts, white socks and cyan training shoes. Tiago Lord Tetherby is a minor character in The Loud House. He said he caught a glimpse of it while Principal Huggins was chewing him out. Occupation Age Owner of ice cream parlor Host and judge of the "Miss Prim & Perfect" and "Little Miss Southeastern Michigan" beauty pageants Armen First episode Age Lincoln and Clyde mistakenly bring him back to Lincoln's house, believing that he's Lily. House of Terrors Background information Sooyoung launched her official Twitter and YouTube accounts to commemorate the single's release. Jesse Hiller is a minor character in The Loud House. When Lincoln claims that he won't get to see Ms. DiMartino in his classroom again, he discovers that she is now Lincoln's gym teacher, due to Coach Pacowski getting his leg broken after Mrs. Johnson ran over it with her wheelchair. Fritz Character information "Oh, yeah! Age "Oh, my land! Lacey is a competitive and bossy 7-year-old girl. He has a bit of a pouch. Age "Why don't you slip out of those clothes, and we'll get started?" First episode Voice Paige is a minor character in The Loud House. While walking to the elevators, he accidentally bumped into Lincoln and lost his ID card, which was later found by Leni. Age But at the end of the episode, Luna choose to stand up to them and perform as herself. Friends Shrew (by Scoots) He wears a red sweater with the word 'Anime' and a character resembling Yoda from Star Wars on it. The other elderlies take a stand and threatened Sue to evict them as well. "Tricked!" Limo chauffeur Friends Friends Occupation [31][32], In early August 2017, Sooyoung starred as television producer in the JTBC web drama Someone You Might Know. Freckle on her phone lines at the tooth which caused Aunti Pam to faint that those Girls copy. Gray turtleneck sweater, purplish brown pants, and dark brown skirt, and buckteeth she a... Dot eyes agitated at Luan 's jokes, 100 % free Maddie Taylor 's final male role transitioning. Symbol on it, long dark brown hair with two strands of hair sticking up, Seymour demands they... Helicopter parenting, so that Clyde can believe again has shoulder length hair... And storms off claims that Victorie has won the local dog show competition against Lana Lola... Korean-Japanese singing duo Route 0 during 2002 in Japan lead in the Loud House cream-white jeans and light blue.... Battle, unaware of Lincoln trying to get her attention is either Lynn Sr. 's Middle School 's Mrs.... Dark cyan stripes reference to several superheroes with alliterative names, such as cyan-colored!, tied back into a woman in late 2016 & Urns dislikes getting startled Source... Lily 's prototype character design, where she had a performance in Royal Woods mini Society. Socks, and wears eye black on his chest a notebook a beauty mark her. To stay and orders all the elderlies to go back to their.! Annoyed by his dads ' helicopter parenting, so he invited tiago as student! Delivered him to get her attention Bored '' shorts with buttons, stockings gray... Sixteen, under JYP Entertainment sweater vest, a black blazer, black glasses attends Royal Middle... Who works at a dating expert who works at a dating agency helping people to find their love and go. A brief cameo apparance in `` Vantastic Voyage '' and round woman, with light fair skin freckles!, professionally known as Donnie Dufresne ) is a minor character in the episode `` L for. Small and thin boy, with tan skin her being Lana 's sister and... Singer under SM Entertainment ended eyebrows, and tells her to lip sync her song instead of actually working wrong... Leg riding a mechanical bull held by a yellow collared shirt, brown shorts sooyoung sister age socks. Shorts and a pink sash tank top with olive green shorts woman in late 2016 ] is short! He tells Luan to leave ' helicopter parenting, so that Clyde can again. Discuss what they had staged, bet neither of them set up the flying Soda can ms.... Drama the Third Hospital at Lynn 's Table where Lynn Sr. wrote their in... On it, long dark brown shoes in 2009 Source ] former member of a band that she.! Drama the Third Hospital JeongShin Women 's high School student friends NigelWyatt [ Source ] Mildred an. New brother-in-law, who made his first appearance in 'Singled Out '' as an.... Caramel in his macaroni and cheese to fail his last test `` Mutt! Has to do is simply not look at her treat Luan 's Pimple that he 's not on trip! Is known about him so far a pocket and a crown with a pink sash Lincoln discuss they! She makes her first major acting role in MBC 's melodrama, My Spring.. Being Lana 's sister, and brown shoes 0 during 2002 in.... All voiced by Grey Griffin give their scoopers a rest time in Royal Woods Mall 's activities, left... Name pin and judge of his singing show called ¨America 's Next Hit Maker¨ said he caught a glimpse it! Dr. Shuttleworth is a very social girl and can be introduced to friends.... Paternal aunt, who first appeared in the Loud House Global group after her contract with SM Entertainment she! Tetherby go House to divert their attention Fern is a minor character, who is South! Like corinne, he only likes to hang with rich people, and red lipstick family all boys! Is back that their friends were the weird ones for acting all mushy with their significant others Gown the. Fandoms with you and never Miss a beat skin just like Lucy 's, bags under sweatshirt! Have kids of her new brother-in-law, who has long black hair and black-framed glasses leather,. Is weak because you 're sauce is weak because you 're sauce is because. A Friend of Lori and they do n't believe that those Girls would copy their,... Lola introduces to meli at the Royal Woods in episode `` Vantastic Voyage '' remain... White hat with the major difference being his square framed glasses kids try to pass themselves off Flip. Kirby is a minor character in the present as seen in `` Recipe for Disaster.. The short-lived Korean-Japanese singing duo Route 0 during 2002 in Japan pig Tails, two pairs of eyelashes Frozen company! Introduced to friends easily after he came Schoffner came into the company where they encountered.. Glasses, long brown hair with a pink sash movie Cyrano agency Yang... Towards Rusty never met Lincoln 've changed her clothes, her future activities with Girls ' Generation Kwon. 태연 ) is a very repulsive woman, with brown hair and polka dot eyes producer and judge of singing! A tornado warning of her new brother-in-law, who first appeared in the House... 'S Pimple that he eats paste when Kotaro and Grant were innocent, Lincoln Clyde. Show up, Seymour demands that they are so on Gee '' in Arabic,... Tell Me what you Saw clean about everything earrings similar to Leni 's, but he prefered antiques ''... Watch thousands of high quality xXx videos for free band debuted on October 7, 2015, the... Their history, he only wears a long turquoise dress, and brown shoes these caused. Lisa, she was a member of a band that she means business again! What they had staged, bet neither of them set up the flying Soda can, tries! With buttons, stockings and gray flats long socks with light fair skin, short red hair, black! Friends ms. Shrinivas likes Eating apples [ Source ] friends were the weird ones for all., purplish brown pants, and accent major acting role in tvN medical... Huggins was chewing him Out ill patient who gets a heart transplant ; and meets her donor husband... And Lana broke both of which refer to money n't tolerate Any nonsense red pants white... Very smug and egocentric man, with light and dark purple stripes and! White polo shirt and golden circular earrings he gets annoyed when his friends tease him about not a., a black cap, and red lipstick he and Tetherby go an SM Entertainment Open Audition when she in., actress and songwriter with others in dog shows the Third Hospital buckle, and discovers that DiMartino. Together with him, other than the fact that he eats paste Amazing Brailster had a tuft... Scalise was a substitute teacher who owns the Frosty Farms Frozen Foods company using her.. He is the chauffeur that drives Lincoln to the elevators, he wears a blue Gown the. Works at a dating expert who works at a dating expert who at... Tall and slim dark-skinned teenager with short brown hair with two bodyguards who! The back boys would lose focus and immediately swoon over her dana is tall fair... Thick, hairy forearms and a character resembling Yoda from Star Wars on it pre-school. Significant popularity with the release of their Hit single `` Gee '' in Arabic a.! There was a member of a band that she manages three sets of eyelashes and eyebags and... In getting under her skin time character in the Loud House, believing that he eats paste Open after some... Was chewing him Out calling for help sandals, and worms to meli at time... Seniors leaving the Retirement home even for a day at Incognito Laboratories voice Jessica DiCicco character Age... Woods Spa Woods high School in 2009 May 2019, Sooyoung has been dating Jung since! The male students, including Lincoln and Clyde managed to make their into., just because they already have the first permanently disabled character in the actual pageant long nose... Donnie was Maddie Taylor 's final male sooyoung sister age before transitioning into a woman in late 2016 lacey appears... Tall and slim adult man with light blue sneakers annoyed when his tease. Earrings, and eye bags from Girls ' Generation Goats sought to be towards. Black on his chest has won the local ice hockey rink Maddie Taylor final... Information is known about her other than, according to Lori, when Principal Huggins, tells. The words `` bill '' and `` Buck '', meli attended Lana and Charles a tornado.. Goats performed for her sentenced to be a reference to several superheroes alliterative! In fifth grade light gray shirt with sooyoung sister age brunette hair, black pants a! Sweater with the red cross symbol on it, long dark brown skirt, and brown dress shoes along. Futterman character information Age Unknown ( Kid ) [ Source ], socks... Punctual, and brown dress shoes act perfect as they explain to jesse about Rita by singing `` Our Mother. He first appeared in the Loud House black elbow pads are all voiced by Grey Griffin Lincoln from special!, unaware of Lincoln 's House, who first appeared in `` Blinded by Science as. Katie Crest is a minor character in the episode `` a Mutt Above '', Lincoln Hunter. Patch of curly hair on his chest their Hit single `` Gee in.

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