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"Trump legal team vows to fight on, starting with fresh lawsuit Monday in Pennsylvania", "Lewandowski: 'I have no obligation to be honest with the media, "Fact check: Claim that Pennsylvania case is proof of 'dead people' voting is under investigation", "Tourists flock to Four Seasons Total Landscaping after Giuliani debacle", "Man featured at Giuliani press conference is a convicted sex offender", "Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski contracts coronavirus", "Giuliani wrecks Trump campaign's well-laid legal plans", "Lawyers decided to quit Trump case after chaotic Four Seasons Landscaping press conference", "Trump's Four Seasons Total Landscaping Bill: On the House", "The Full(est Possible) Story of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Press Conference", "New York Times: Rudy Giuliani put in charge of Trump's election lawsuits after series of losses", "Four Seasons Total Landscaping flooded with joke reviews following Trump debacle", "Trump team's Four Seasons blunder compared to The Thick of It: 'I can't get over how funny this is, "Veep and Thick of It creator Armando Iannucci reacts to Trump team's Four Seasons blunder", "Thank God We're Still Talking About Four Seasons Total Landscaping", "Twitter Trends on Trending words on 8th November, 2020", "Trump's 'Four Seasons Total Landscaping' debacle brought out all the Yelp comedians", "That Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle is already a VRChat hangout for furries", "Four Seasons Total Landscaping becomes a VRChat hangout for furries", "Somebody has made a LEGO version of Trump's disastrous Four Seasons Total Landscaping conference", "Four Seasons Total Landscaping - In LEGO! The Feed has contacted Four Seasons Total Landscaping for comment. “We’re not making any political statements,” she told the Philadelphia Inquirer. The 2,100 participants from around the world were to run anywhere they choose that day, including the planned course, and upload a picture of themselves running to social media. Description. And the whole thing was very funny. [6] The streets in the area had been filled with demonstrators supporting each candidate. "[2] Adam Gabbatt of The Guardian reported that the company's name "swiftly became a byword for politicians' incompetence". Four Seasons Total Landscaping is a family-owned small business run by life long Philadelphians. “Four Seasons Total Landscaping is … The meeting lasted around 10 minutes, at which point the venue was decided on. [62] Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon mentioned Four Seasons in an appearance as Giuliani on the show's "Weekend Update" news segment,[63] and made another indirect reference to it a month later during the show's cold open. We at Four Seasons understand the importance of first impressions. Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Inc. "Four Seasons Landscaping is a family-owned small business run by lifelong Philadelphians," the business, which has been open for 25 years, wrote in a … Giuliani and Lewandowski came in with a group of people the former identified as poll watchers who they said had been prevented from properly observing the counting procedure. All the networks, all the networks. Four Seasons Total Landscaping. [55] Some of the items for sale featured wording based on Trump slogans, such as Make America Rake Again and Lawn and Order!‍[56] Just three weeks later, over 30,000 shirts had been sold. It was funny because it was absurd and surprising and curious. This park building is a great place together and spread the word! It will be held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping— no relation with the hotel". Four Seasons Total Landscape found its way into the spotlight after President Trump tweeted that there was to be a news conference in Philadelphia at 11 a.m. at Four Seasons… We would like to aid in making that first impression an impressive one. Several news outlets characterized the event as symbolizing the end of Trump's presidency, although he had not conceded the election and his campaign's legal actions continued. How Team Trump's news conference ended up at a Northeast Philly landscaping firm", "Trump sparks confusion after announcing press conference at small landscaping firm", "US Election 2020: Trump laywer [sic] Rudy Giuliani's Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference mistake goes viral", "Philly's Four Seasons Total Landscaping dishes the dirt on the news conference heard 'round the world: 'It was nothing we anticipated, "From Obscure To Sold Out: The Story Of Four Seasons Total Landscaping In Just 4 Days", "US election result: Pennsylvania - the state which reflects a divided America", "Rudy Giuliani Trump Campaign Philadelphia Press Conference November 7 (Transcript)", "Loyal to Kerik, Giuliani Missed Warning Signs", "Disgraced NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerik attends Rudy Giuliani's widely mocked 'Four Seasons' election press conference", "Bernard Kerik Was Pardoned by President Trump. It was funny because of the imagery: Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani fighting for his boss’s political life surrounded by other small businesses typical to State Road – a sex shop and a crematorium – and of course with the Four Seasons Total Landscaping sign prominently behind him. "Rudy Giuliani is here. Location. It quickly became an internet joke, after it became clear the President’s team had meant to book the press conference at the up-market Four Seasons Hotel. “You know, a lot of companies don’t do snow, don’t do irrigation, don’t do planning,” she reminded us in one interview. The only people to speak out of the group of poll watchers were: Timeline of notable moments (all times are, legal challenges to the ballot-counting process in the state, began bombing the country to support a 2011 rebellion, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Richard Nixon's November 1962 press conference, "Trump Campaign Pennsylvania News Conference", "I saw Donald Trump's presidency come crashing down at Four Seasons Total Landscaping", "The End of the Line for Trumpland Is a Poorly Rated Sex Shop in North Philly", "The Trump legal team's failed Four Seasons press conference, explained", "Philadelphia Gears Up For Unprecedented Attention To Its Vote Count", "Protesters march in Center City amid election demonstrations and release of bodycam footage of Walter Wallace Jr.'s killing by police", "Pam Bondi throws herself into Trump effort to stop counting votes", "No, not that Four Seasons. She had expressed support for Trump on a Facebook page in August, but was not exceptionally vocal, saying "we don't need to invite him for dinner. Under the “merch” tab on its website, Four Seasons Total Landscaping is selling $50 hoodies and $25 T-shirts with company branding including its 1992 establishment date, $10 fabric face masks and $5 stickers reading “Lawn and Order” or “MAKE AMERICA RAKE AGAIN”. "Four Seasons Total Landscaping is a family-owned small business run by life long Philadelphians. Four Seasons Total Landscaping, the groundskeeping company that hosted Trump’s event in its parking lot, has quickly sold out of merch on its website. She participated in the quickly organized “Fraud Street Run” which drew 2,100 participants and began from her parking lot. We're going to have many, many witnesses. The unexpected site of the press conference, a local landscaping business located near a sex shop and a crematorium, led to speculation that the Trump campaign meant to book the upscale Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia, five city blocks from the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where Philadelphia's ballots were being counted. This is not over. On November 7, 2020, four days after the United States presidential election, Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City and an attorney for incumbent president Donald Trump, hosted a press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a small business in the Holmesburg neighborhood of Near Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The whole story is funny because it came at a very unfunny time. [14] Giuliani did not offer any explanation as to why the news conference was being held at that location. "[36], CNN reported that the event was "widely ridiculed". [57] Merchandise sales, including T-shirts, ugly Christmas sweaters, and face masks, have totaled about US$1.3 million. "[26], Without mentioning a specific amount, Giuliani also stated that "[t]here certainly is enough evidence to disqualify a certain number of ballots.", "Big press conference today in Philadelphia at Four Seasons Total Landscaping — 11:30am! Now I do. [28] Voting records show a mail-in ballot was sent to her two days later; on November 2, the ballot was recorded by the Pennsylvania Department of State's tracking system. [24] After looking into the cases of Frazier and Smith as well as a list of others, Republican City Commissioner Al Schmidt[25] told White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins that "Not a single one voted in Philadelphia after they died. Shortly after Giuliani began talking to the assembled reporters, the Associated Press projected Biden as the winner of the Pennsylvania vote and thus the presidential election. "[11] The local Republican ward leader told The Philadelphia Inquirer that he was not notified in advance and that neither Four Seasons' owner Marie Siravo nor anyone in her family were particularly involved in local politics. The conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping — which lies near an adult bookstore and a cremation center — set off a wave of jokes and memes online deriding the choice of venue. Four Seasons Total Landscaping represents the very definition of the typical American small business. Bastiaan Slabbers/Reuterss Jennifer Heintz and Mike Wagz of Philadelphia take pictures outside Four Seasons Total Landscaping, the site of a Trump … Four Seasons Total Landscaping represents the very definition of the typical American small business. [53], Following the press conference, Four Seasons Total Landscaping posted on Instagram thanking police for their participation. [37] It drew humor and parody on social media, where it was assumed the Trump campaign had simply made a mistake with the booking,[38] and it was compared to similar mishaps in the political satire series Veep and The Thick of It. We were honored to be asked to host a press conference at our facility. Your landscape provides your customers with the first impression of your company. [35], Olivia Nuzzi, of New York magazine, published an extensive report about the event that involved "more than 37 sources spread throughout the White House, the Trump campaign, the president's network of advisers both formal and informal, the Republican Party, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. [2] During the event, while Giuliani was stating how strong their case was,[16] a reporter interrupted to say that all of the major news networks were now joining in projecting Biden's victory. ", "Trump campaign appears to mistakenly book car park outside landscaping firm 'Four Seasons' for press conference", "Four Seasons Total Landscaping Just Dropped Branded Apparel", "Host your next Zoom conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping", "Business is booming at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, now a landmark on the Philadelphia tourist trail thanks to Rudy Giuliani's bizarre post-election press conference", "Next up for Four Seasons Total Landscaping: A surf and turf 'gala' to raise money for ALS awareness", "After four years of skewering Trump, the late-night TV hosts delight in his loss to Biden", "Seth Meyers Celebrates Election Results Coming Up Biden", "What we know about Four Seasons Total Landscaping, the most famous business in Philly today", "SNL's Rudy Giuliani Talks Four Seasons Total Landscaping on Weekend Update", "SNL mocks Giuliani with sketch about voter fraud claims", "Comedian Tim Heidecker's new song about Four Seasons Total Landscaping suggests that 2020 is looking up", "Comedian Tim Heidecker writes ode to Rudy Giuliani's visit to Four Seasons Total Landscaping", "Tim Heidecker Pens New Ode to Rudy Giuliani's Four Seasons Landscaping Press Conference", "Michael Spicer trolls Trump with 'genius' spoof advert for Four Seasons Total Landscaping", "Michael Spicer's hilarious advert for Four Seasons Total Landscaping covers ALL of its services", "Four Seasons Total Landscaping becomes high-end diorama art in Berlin", "Four Seasons Total Landscaping diorama will sell for $15,000 in Berlin", "Lawyers Press Conference at Four Seasons, Philadelphia. [52], Comedy writer Vinnie Favale set up a web portal devoted to the press conference. We read about this small business owner’s lighthearted, entrepreneurial response and we chuckled. Before the press conference began, a journalist present announced that CNN had just projected Biden's victory. 3,045 were here. four seasons total landscaping … Enjoy! Four Seasons is on the same block as a sex shop, across the street from a crematorium, and down the road from The Philadelphia Department of Prisons. "Between everything else that we're doing, we looked it up — each one of them to see what their vote history was. They typically provide an un-sexy but necessary service … like landscaping. And then we heard about this strange presidential press conference at a landscaping company on State Road that sounded too much like the five-star hotel in town and … we laughed. All the networks! "[19] Giuliani then responded by looking heavenward and striking a pose of mock crucifixion,[20] saying: All the, oh my goodness, all the networks. [54] The company's Instagram bio describes the firm as a "woman-owned, minority business... that does great landscaping & perfect snow removal" and is "trying to make America green again! And that’s funny too. In response to the press conference, a Four Seasons-themed charity run was created, and the landscaping company capitalized on the newfound attention by selling T-shirts and other merchandise. No one knew if this was actually planned or just a mix-up with the Four Seasons hotel near Broad Street. Doing her best to stay out of politics she doubled down on the unprecedented exposure her small business received. [47] The event had proven more popular than they anticipated,[48] eventually raising nearly US$63,000 for the food bank Philabundance. Four Seasons Total Landscaping also pledged to offer other merchandise on its website. The Latest. As you may know, Donald Trump’s losing presidential campaign held a … "[54] Four Seasons Total Landscaping also clarified that they were not attempting to make a political statement by hosting the Trump campaign. A Christmas tree made out of whiskey bottles isn’t always a marketing campaign | Gene Marks. Call Now. [31], The event was also criticized for including Daryl Brooks, a New Jersey-based perennial candidate and convicted sex offender, although Giuliani later told the New York Daily News that he was unaware of the man's history. Reportedly, it resulted in lawyers withdrawing from the legal team that the Trump campaign had assembled to challenge the election results. 16 hours ago. [4] In reference to the poll watchers, Giuliani stated "this is only two or three of about 50 people so far that have given us statements, affidavits, recordings. "Republican Philadelphia City Commissioner says they looked into a list claiming dead people voted. [33], On November 14, Politico reported that many of the lawyers the Trump campaign had spent months recruiting prior to the election decided to withdraw as a result of the press conference. W e begin in many people’s happy place, at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. These are not businesses that would be talked about by Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and James Corden. The media likes to glamorize those tech-savvy, … "[9], It was later revealed that an hour before the event was first announced, a Trump staffer had called the director of sales at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Sean Middleton, to ask if the company would be willing to host a news conference. Four Seasons Total Landscaping, which was founded in 1992, defended hosting Trump’s press conference at their parking lot in a Facebook post on Saturday. Four Seasons is a full service company with 25 years experience. After Election Day on November 3, 2020, Philadelphia election officials had set up absentee ballot counting efforts in the Pennsylvania Convention Center[5] in Center City, as downtown Philadelphia is known locally. Most, like Siravo’s, are family-owned and -operated. [49] The "Fraud Street Bike Ride" was organized by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to provide additional donations and included a bike-friendly route using bike lanes and multi-use paths along the Delaware River. Lewandowski said that his cited evidence was not empirical or anecdotal, and that it was hard evidence,[c] one of many exhibits that would be filed with the court. [1], Giuliani also expressed in reference to Trump that "Obviously he's not going to concede when at least 600,000 ballots are in question. That’s funny. Was it? Show More Rate. Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a small, woman-owned business in Philadelphia, shot to fame after the President’s lawyers held a press conference there on 7 November. Who Is He? Pruning Shrubs and Small Trees Siravo saw the humor. That’s Four Seasons Total Landscaping, of course, a landscaping company located in an industrial corner of Philadelphia, nestled between a crematorium and an adult bookstore… We admired her pluck, her self-effacing humor and her ingenuity. ", Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center [@FSPhiladelphia], "To clarify, President Trump's press conference will NOT be held at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia. Similar to Siravo, they usually employ fewer than 30 full-time people and are typically located on the State Roads of their home towns. The world – and Rudy Giuliani – beats a path to Four Seasons Total Landscaping in north-east Philadelphia. For we shall mount … Wow! (John Minchillo/) There were also fake ads for Four Seasons Total Landscaping, though the company is apparently trying to get in on the action with its own merch. "Would like to thank the fabulous Philadelphia men and women in blue making this event a safe place," they wrote.

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