how many school shootings in 2018

According to non-profit organization Everytown for Gun Safety, a total of 40 shootings have occurred on school … By Chip Grabow and Lisa Rose, CNN. Updated 1505 GMT (2305 HKT) May 25, 2018 There has been, on average, 1 school shooting every week this year. A school shooting database, going back to 1970, shows there were more incidents and more deaths in 2018 than any other year on record. Less than a month ago, students at Marshall County High School in Kentucky went through the same experience when a 15-year-old armed with a handgun entered the school and began shooting. That shooting marked the eighth school shooting since Jan.1, 2018 to result in death and injury, The Guardian reports. Many public figures claimed that the Wednesday incident is the 18th school shooting of 2018. The NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security counted 94 school shooting incidents in 2018, a near 60% increase on the previous high, 59, an unwanted record set in 2006. Updated 5:08 PM ET, Mon May 21, 2018 The 11 mass deadly school shootings that happened since Columbine There have been many more shootings, but 11 with four or more victims. On Tuesday, a shooting in Kentucky that left two 15-year-old students dead drew national attention but there have been 10 other shootings on school grounds already this year, resulting in three more deaths. FEB. 14, 2018. The US has had 57 times as many school shootings as the other major industrialized nations combined. Education Week started its own school shootings database, counting six in the United States in 2018. 2,930 children. News World School shootings: How many have occurred in the US in 2018 4:11pm, Mar 23, 2018 Updated: 4:17pm, Mar 23 School shootings: How many have occurred in the US in 2018 The number of school shootings continues to rise in 2018. Hardly three weeks into 2018, there have already been 11 shootings on school grounds in the United States, nearly one every two days. By Saeed Ahmed and Christina Walker, CNN. Douglas High School. Still, school shootings remain rare, and only a tiny percentage of the tens of millions of students in America ever experience them. At the beginning of 2018, Education Week, a journal covering education in the US, began to track school shootings - and has since recorded 23 incidents where there were deaths or injuries.

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