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This is the case with drink driving or dangerous driving. Stephen was extremely helpful. Gave good, clear advice throughout the whole process and represented us well in court. Our defence was also made more difficult because. He explained in a couple of sentences how to present… Read more “Stephen Oldham is the only reason I kept my licence”, I had a 35mph ticket 10%+2 and up for 12 points Stephen was very re-assuring and told me the steps… Read more “As good as it gets”, I highly recommend Stephen Oldham Solicitors. The difficulty for any defence solicitor in such a case is convincing the court that the drug was consumed after driving. Drug-impaired driving is a national threat to public safety and public health. At Cartwright King, we will be able to represent you in court and argue this on your behalf. This makes it more difficult to prove a case beyond reasonable doubt when it is claimed the drug was consumed after driving. Consequently he was convicted. You cannot avoid disqualification by simply mitigating in relation to your personal circumstances. Checked a lot… Read more “John Senior”, Stephen was fantastic! I was nominated by mistake as the… Read more “Won the appeal”, Stephen was from the first word go a true professional.all the way through to even leaving the courtroom. in the justice system. Would definitely recommend”, I think you were very realistic and honest with me. I was handed a 12 month ban for drug driving Im an hgv driver for a living Not only have i ben band but ive lost my job and my way of supporting my family I was not aware thete was drugs in my system Is there any way of reducing my 12month ban Shelly - 15-Jul-20 @ 1:34 AM. In addition, and possibly because there was no report, the court stated it did not believe our client consumed cannabis after driving. We also cross-examined the nurse who took the blood specimen and we were able to show failures in procedure. You don’t need to go on the course before you go to court. The scheme also supports offenders to recognise the problems associated with drink driving and to take personal responsibility for, and to address their behaviour in relation to drinking and driving. To prevent drunk driving, making a plan for a sober designated driver ahead of time with everyone agreeing to it is best. You laid out the facts and presented the points that… Read more “Realistic and honest”, I would recommend Stephen as a specialist motoring solicitor to anyone who has been accused of a driving offence. Any special reason put forward to the court asking them not to endorse or disqualify must relate directly to … This would have caused… Read more “Delighted with this result”. Driving for hire or reward 5. It is still something of a mystery as to why a Judge would regard an independent expert report as not being relevant to such a case; after all, nobody knew whether one, two or three cannabis joints would result in a reading of more than 2µg. 5. As expected, the CPS took the view that our client had not consumed any cannabis after driving and was simply making it up to try and put a defence together. Drink driving convictions: the consequences. It is quite a specialist area taking on the police and the Crown Prosecution Service. I was so stressed about my case. He was also on a public road. The scheme also supports offenders to recognise the problems associated with drink driving and to take personal responsibility for, and to address their behaviour in relation to drinking and driving. If convicted for drug driving you are at risk of an immediate 12 month driving ban, 12 months in prison and a fine up to £5,000. A special reason can’t be something personal to you. The following people have recently been convicted in our courts of drink-driving or drug-driving. Stephen Oldham represented Mr M in a case at Stevenage Magistrates’… Read more “Speedy response and effective”. I got caught speeding very fast on a back road in North… Read more “Service that is out of this world!”, I called Stephen Oldham when I was wrongly convicted by Cannock Magistrates’ Court of failing to provide driver details.… Read more “Persuaded the prosecuting barrister to drop the case”, Brilliant!, helped me out within minutes! Five stars all the way****************, Without Stephen’s support and guidance my son would have 6 points on his provisional license. Making sure… Read more “I wanted to make sure that I got the best for my trusted employee”, I was really worried when the police charged me with drink driving. This was an interesting case because it involved a defence of post driving consumption but where our client had already confirmed to the police that he had consumed cannabis before driving! Steve Williams of Forrest Williams. This website uses cookies to give you the best experience. Law Ltd, The Old Grammar School, 23 Derby Road, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 9LG, England, Please tick to consent to your data being stored in line with our, In a recent case, M.A.J. If, however, you accept the offence, factors that the Court will take into account include if your drinks were spiked, if you drove because of an emergency or moved a vehicle an extremely short distance. Great job, I would highly recommend Stephen. I’ve been accused of drug driving. Previously, there was a requirement to demonstrate that a driver was "unfit" and the obligation upon the Police was to persuade the Court that at the time of the incident, the ability to drive was "impaired" as a result of drug consumption. I contacted him after the police stopped me, told me that… Read more “Open and honest”, Honest straight forward, no nonsense advice. We are experts in avoiding a ban. The expert concludes that the amount of cannabis consumed after our client had ceased to drive could have accounted for the evidential blood result provided by the prosecution. Stephen quickly absorbed all the issues, advised me… Read more “Very knowledgeable on motoring offences”, Stephen was quick to respond to my request for advice, and very professional and understanding. You could potentially have your disqualification from driving shortened or even avoid disqualification altogether if you are able to put forward special mitigation usually known as “Exceptional Hardship”. It was an interesting case because the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) through so many obstacles in the defendant’s way. Thanks very much for the advice you gave to my husband regarding my son’s driving… Read more “Bea Wood”, I contacted Stephen 24 hours after my incident, thinking I could manage without a solicitor. I think this gentleman is fantastic I recommend his services to anyone. The Magistrates’ Courts Sentencing Guidelines say that you can expect the following: You can’t avoid a ban if you are convicted. To first cover the basics, there are different types of driving bans, including: Discretionary Driving Bans. He has always responded to any email and phone call communication… Read more “Excellent Services”, Dear Stephen, Thank you for your professional help over the past months in representing me for the accumulation of driving… Read more “Non-judgmental, practical and honest manner”, Kind, understanding and generous with his time, Stephen provided me with valuable guidance over the ‘phone when I was put… Read more “Duncan Samuel”, Stephen was fantastic, from initial contact, through to the court date, Stephens communication and advice was brilliant. The principle behind ‘special reasons’ says that for certain motoring offences, even if the defendant is technically guilty of the offence, the court may choose not to impose a driving ban, even where a ban is normally mandatory. It brings enforcement of drug driving into line with that of drink driving, by introducing a strict liability offence to avoid the need to prove impairment. You need to make sure that you have a valid defence before you go to court. In the run-up to the appeal date we spent considerable time reviewing the evidence and preparing our case. You might think that you have been charged with drink driving when in fact the allegation is being drunk in charge. At Stephen Oldham Solicitors I connect directly with motorists who have been accused of driving offences. Very knowledgeable , instant response! There are 16 controlled substances, which if you drive or attempt to drive under the influence of, will put you at risk of a drug driving conviction. The appeal court ruled that as the defence had raised the issue of post driving consumption, the obligation was then placed upon the prosecution to try and prove that the cannabis was not consumed after driving, or, if it was, that our client would nonetheless have been over the limit (because of the cannabis smoked before driving). I… Read more “I would recommend Stephen as a specialist motoring solicitor”, This man knows his stuff. A total ban, plus anti-drug campaigns for children, looks like the best solution Quickly moved into action… Read more “Quickly moved into action”, Stephen is and expert in his field, very down to earth, reliable and trustworthy. Our defence was also made more difficult because our client accepted smoking cannabis before driving! We found him to be very personable and engaging;… Read more “Magretta Clarke”, Stephen provides straightforward advice, he laid out all the options that were available without any commitment from me. Geoffrey Miller Solicitors are specialists defending drivers nationwide for drink driving offences, drug driving offences, dangerous driving, speeding tickets, penalty points totting up and all UK traffic and motoring offences.

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