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I need to know the %. So, how to apply correct keyword density you are asking! Keyword density checker is widely used across the world and has a user base for around 51,717 people all around the globe. For say if you are writing on Web design NY, you do not need to use the phrase as it. Using the Keyword Density Analysis Tool. Get live page metrics right in your Chrome browser. After the results displayed you will see 3 outputs; Phrase Name, No. As part of the report it shows ranking factors such as broad keyword usage, appropriate keyword usage, plus a whole host of other ranking factors. It has to have an objective concept in which it weighs by. If it's a keyword phrase, do you have to make sure you don't go over the density level of a particular word in the phrase. It picks up the most profitable keywords from the databases such as Google Ads', and it suggests you the best performing keywords you can use to improve the quality and span of your content. The HOTH Keyword Density Tool will calculate a percentage based off the number of times a word or phrase is used, compared to the overall word count for that page. 2. Trying to achieve a specific percentage of keyword density could do more harm than good if it messes up the natural flow of your content. I can write endless content that has high value. In my understanding  - Google is a machine that wants us to think that it is acting as a human being ;). These are issues that I've seen come up a few times. This is a common sense approach. Select the number of words in a phrase to check the density of keywords in the given text. There is an optimal %. So, sorry, but there is no magical and precise pill for this! You should always write content for users and not search engines. The dev team at Small SEO Tools created the tool after finding out that some marketers were still stuffing their content with loads of keywords even without realizing it. Local data management solution to help customers find your business online. You’re also looking to ensure that Google’s algorithms respect the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of your website — and sites you’re linked to. Keyword density tool. And that is why you are not getting direct answer regarding correct keyword density percentage. The truth is - this number is keeping changing constantly and whatever  'density' will you apply to your article it is - DANGEROUS! It may bring to light some phrases you weren't meaning to target, or show you a word you have much too high a density of by mistake. This week we're going to chat about keyword use, keyword repetition and overuse.I know this might seem like a basic topic, but actually it's advanced a little bit in the last few years, and I still get a surprising amount of email and see a surprising number of questions around things like, \"How many times should I use my keyword that I'm targeting to rank for in my URL strin… Subscribe to Moz Pro to gain full access to Q&A, answer questions, A blog on SEOMOZ once said 6%. Keyword Density Checker is a tool built solely for the purpose of calculating the keyword density of any web page. score. With the help of the best tools to measure keyword density, you will be able to ensure the right keyword density for your content. Think about this like that - If you will apply wrong keyword density to your article you will get fired from your job. Although the entire concept of Moz Domain Authority may sound complicated, it’s actually quite simple. and ask your own. Free Moz Bulk DA Checker When you’re building an SEO strategy to boost your traffic and enhance your sales, content isn’t necessarily king. Keyword Position. Logged in Moz Pro users can ask questions, give answers, and enjoy full access our all-in-one SEO toolset. Get live page metrics right in your Chrome browser. Keyword Density. Due to web spam, density by itself is a fairly poor measure of relevancy (see slides 17 through 20 in this 2004 PDF from Google's Amit Singhal). A Keyword Cloud is a visual depiction of keywords used on a website. You can link to a Zippy URL too, e.g. Just make  sure you have used the targeted keywords in the title and a couples of times in the body content. It will of course let you know if you should try and include a few more instances of your targeted keyword. Instead of looking at keyword density, I'd look at more important metrics and factors in on site optimization.

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