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Manufacturer At least one of his limbs was equipped with a vibrating blade. [3], Mister Bones was created by Chuck Wendig for his 2015 novel, Aftermath. The overall theme of the movie picks fun of the stereotypes of South African blacks. During the journey, Bones hummed and sang, prompting his master to explain his programming to Sinjir. Affiliation [11], Mister Bones was caught up in the attack on Chandrila, In the month following the events at Ashmead's Lock, Mister Bones continued serving his master Temmin as the boy struggled to repair his relationship with Brentin. After returning to the shop, Norra put her plan to rescue Wedge into action. Upon exiting hyperspace, Norra's team discovered that the Imperial remnants had gathered above Jakku. Temmin roused the battle droid by appealing to his lust for violence and danger. After realizing his error, Bones apologized. For the next several months, Mister Bones accompanied his master Temmin and Norra's team on their hunt for Grand Admiral Sloane. Later, Mister Bones turned up at the cantina Pok's Place with his master. Rax had installed inorganic bio-chips into the heads of the Ashmead's Lock prisoners, including Brentin. Mr. Bones never passed his AKC Good Citizen test because he couldn’t hold still while a stranger handled him, unsure where the touch would lead. [14], Unlike other droids of his classification, Mister Bones was re-purposed with various combat droid programs, martial arts videos, the movement style of General Grievous, and the body-mapped maneuvers of Ryloth la-ley dancers. At that point, the Ashmead's Lock prisoners began opening fire on Chancellor Mothma and other New Republic officials and dignitaries. It is only visible to you. Despite his slapstick humor, Mister Bones was perceptive enough to sense that Temmin was upset about his father. •A "robust" build. [11], After Norra returned to Chandrila, Mister Bones and the rest of the team attended a meeting with Admiral Ackbar, Princess Leia, and Wedge Antilles in the Skygarden above the Polis District of Hanna City. [15], In the third book of the trilogy, Aftermath: Empire's End, Mister Bones has a line which was an apparent callback to the blunt, violent dialogue of Star Wars Legends droid HK-47. Several leading Imperials had convened an Imperial Future Council to discuss the fate of the Empire. Mr. Bones - Support - Droid. Temmin also thanked his droid for coming back. [11], While waiting to pick up Norra and the rest of the team, Bones boasted about eradicating their adversaries and turning them into fine red mist. [5], After Temmin joined his mother's team, Mister Bones became the group's unofficial comedian and had a habit of singing and dancing for the fun of it. Mister Bones continued serving Temmin a year after the Battle of Endor. Temmin was allowed to leave but Norra was arrested by Admiral Sloane. In addition there were those props of the skeleton … If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Garry's Mod. By the age of fifteen, Temmin had moved back to his family home, which he converted into a junk shop. Mr. Bones is a 2001 slapstick comedy film made and set in South Africa. Directed by Ed Annunziata. Reviews There are no reviews yet. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, the natural rigid body tissue used to support many life-forms, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary, Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded, Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary, Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker,,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Bones obtained Norra's permission to leave the ship and find Temmin, whose X-wing had been downed by space wreckage. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Dr.Bones. While Bones was now able to walk, he left craters in his wake. Kashyyyk, the enslaved Wookiee homeworld. However, Temmin survived and managed to free his mother, Sinjir, and Jas Emari. Because of his unique programming, he had developed a very strong sense of individual personality and an almost human-like bond with his master Temmin Wexley. Unable to give aerial support to his squad leader, Temmin sent Dameron a droid personality template to fight the Rancs, explaining that he always carried the code with him for good luck. Because of his unique programming, he had developed a very strong sense of individual personality and an almost human-like bond with his master Temmin Wexley. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. There is a printable worksheet available for download here so you can take the quiz with pen and paper. After capturing Aram, Sinjir interrogated the Siniteen and learned about the prison's layout. [3] Over the next twenty-nine years, his former master Temmin would become a starfighter pilot in the New Republic Starfighter Corps before joining the Resistance. Bones was also dexterous enough to capture a butterfly in his grasp. When one of the guards waved a shock-lance at Temmin, Bones reacted instinctively and knocked the guard to the ground. Our road was not easy and we stumbled many times. Bones leapt down from the head of the AT-ST and killed two of the stormtroopers with his vibroblades. 5 ABY,[2] Jakku (original body)[3] The Fleet Admiral wanted to use the prisoners to assassinate New Republic leaders including Chancellor Mon Mothma. Bones then recorded a faux recording of Sinjir, dressed as an Imperial officer, shooting Temmin dead. He was also programmed with ARM, allowing him to repair himself even after all his limbs had been dismembered. At the advice of Jas Emari, Temmin also removed his decorative little bones to give the droid better stealth. Mister Bones quickly learned how to use the inferior limb as an effective bludgeoning tool when facing off against his foes. [11], Mister Bones was loyal and devoted to his master Temmin. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. She also told them that Rax had a secret facility in the Plaintive Hand plateau known as the Jakku Observatory. Mister Bones took part in the hunt for Grand Admiral Sloane. Plating color Mister Bones accompanied Temmin and Norra's team on a mission to track down the Siniteen prison architect Golas Aram on the planet Irudiru on the edge of Wild Space. Masculine programming[5] Stream Tracks and Playlists from mr_bones on your desktop or mobile device. Mr. Bones’ Last Sunset. Listen to mr_bones | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. High Point. [3], Mister Bones was a highly modified B1 battle droid. Mister Bones, also simply referred to as Bones, was a heavily modified B1-series battle droid with a murderous personality. [5], Using his vibroblade, Bones destroyed Herf's DLT cannon and then slammed the Ithorian into Tooms. As for Mr. Bones himself--he's a B1 battle droid that a "genius kid" finds, paints, and literally covers in bones. Mister Bones then freed Norra from her cage.[3]. Norra wanted to rescue Wedge and inspire the people of Akiva to revolt against the Empire. The New Republic authorities managed to reestablish control, but the attacks had weakened public enthusiasm for the New Republic. Following the Battle of Akiva, Temmin and Norra rebuilt Mister Bones from scrap in Esmelle and Shirene's basement as a "family project" to make up for the years of separation. Makarial then attempted to force Temmin's surrender by pointing a blaster at the boy's head. Mrs. Bones Decorative Dog Collars are Custom Designer Dog Collars lined in satin with Matching or coordinating leashes USA Established in 1998 However, he was stopped by Temmin and the rest of the team, who reassured him that Solo was a friend. Due to a more compact head than the B1, c… While Mon Mothma survived, several other New Republic officials including General Crix Madine and the Adviser Hostis Ij were rumored to be dead. Be the first one to write a review. Despite being battered and losing several of his little osseous accoutrements, the battle droid was still intact and operational. [9], Temmin's astromech droid copilot, R6-D8, after learning about Mister Bones, tried to act more aggressive to emulate the late B1 and please his master. When another Senate Guard tackled and hit Temmin with a baton, Bones flung him aside and then took on two more Guards with his vibroblades. Sloane herself personally emptied six blaster bolts into the droid's head, decapitating Mister Bones. [5], Despite the serious damage, Bones managed to limp to Esmelle's house, where his master Temmin and his rescuers were seeking refuge. Temmin picked up Norra's team and the fugitive Rear Admiral. By the Battle of Jakku, Bones had begun to malfunction due to the damage he had sustained in frequent skirmishes. $1. Bones survived the skirmish but was seriously damaged and lost his non-vibroblade arm. Bones and Temmin aided the mission by cutting the conduit from the wind farm that powered Aram's fence and turrets. After the gangsters demanded that he hand over his store and livelihood, Temmin ordered Bones to attack the gangsters. [3], Recognizing that his master was flying the X-wing, Bones lowered the shuttle's ramp and waved to Temmin. Soon, a New Republic fleet arrived and liberated the planet.[5]. Due to the damage he had sustained earlier, Mister Bones began to malfunction and made a remark about blasting meatbags, momentarily mistaking Norra for Temmin. Fourth-degree droid[6] [3], She demanded that the Imperials release her and her droid. At Temmin's command, Bones cannonballed himself into the windscreen of a TIE fighter. ©2019 by Game Chief. Niima also furnished them with an old Imperial shuttle and old Imperial uniforms. He broke into the cockpit and proceeded to kill the AT-ST drivers. Mr. Production information "[5], Later, Bones followed his master and their companions back to Temmin's shop. In return for bring the wounded Hutt back to her headquarters, Niima agreed to give them the clearance codes needed to enter Gallius Rax's Imperial base, where Sloane and Brentin were held. In the story of the novel; the droid suddenly "glitches" and his voice "warps," causing Bones to quote HK-47 and say "COMMENTARY: I SAY WE BLAST THE MEATBAG AND SAVE YOU THE TROUBLE, MASTER" with a "strange, hard-angle" accent.[3]. She also mentioned that she had Mister Bones with her and that the droid had saved her life. Shortly afterward, Norra turned up, having survived a failed attack on the satrap's palace. While on a scouting mission above Akiva, Wedge had been captured by Admiral Rae Sloane. This had the effect of inspiring a popular uprising on the planet. Temmin disabled one of the shuttle's engines. This was part of a propaganda broadcast that Norra transmitted to the people of Akiva. Patient. Confederacy of Independent Systems[3]Separatist Droid Army[3]Wexley family[5]New Republic[5]Norra Wexley's team[5]Resistance[9] Technical specifications They were immediately confronted by the prison's computer system SOL-GDA, which demanded that they yielded the password. The evil Da Goulian (not knowing about this) brings the entire graveyard to life. So anyone who's been on the /v/ board at 4chan probably knows about Mr. This movie debut in 2001 and was shot in South Africa. While Mister Bones was affectionate towards Temmin's friends and family, he was also capable of violence. While Jas distracted the bounty hunters, Bones and Norra departed on the shuttle for the Imperial base. It had 30,696 feet of track and a ride time of 70 real time minutes, around four years in game time. Temmin's mother, Norra, destroyed the other TIE with a stolen fighter. Bones then popped out of the walker wearing a pair of black-lens goggles. Mr. Bones Plays game Rules of Survival, Dota 2 & Etc. Directed by Gray Hofmeyr. [5], Following the rebellion on Akiva, Mister Bones was rebuilt by Temmin and Norra.

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